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My Swing (klauvi)

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I've been Playing Golf for:​ 10 years

My current handicap index is: 12

My typical ball flight is: too low

The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: fade


I'm going through major swing changes after seeing how my swing looked in Swing Profile last summer. This looks much better, but it's still work in progress.

Any tips on what I should focus on to minimize the fade and to get the ball flight up?



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It looks to me like your head is moving forward a bit on the downswing.


Also, I think it would help to allow your right leg to straighten a bit more on the backswing.  Flaring your feet a bit at address could make this easier.


Not sure if these items will help your ball flight, but it is what stands out to me.


I am sure someone who knows more will be along soon.

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I have been stuck on hcp 12 fo 3 years now. After the changes i made on the swing this winter and with the increased practice lately, scores have been going down. My first and only (until now) sub 80 round was last summer, 76, +6.

Last 3 rounds:
Friday 78, +6, 30 putts. No pen
Monday 77, +5, 25 putts. 1 pen. Same course
Wednesday 82, +11, 34 putts. 3 pen. Different course with crappy greens.

Am hoping for even lower scores this summer. Will post a new swing profile video after this weekend. Any comments on the previous one still very welcome.
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