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Howdy, from Texas!

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Howdy, y'all!


Matt Keyser here from the Lone Star State. I'm a lifelong golfer––22-plus years playing––as well as the editor-in-chief of Ace In The Cup golf magazine. I'm excited to join TST and share stories, memories, and all things golf related.


I'll start with the basics:

– I play all things Titleist––love my Scotty Cameron

– Favorite club: 7-iron

– Least favorite club: 3-iron

– Lowest round: 74

– Best golf memory: beating my dad for the first time

– Least favorite golf memory: the fact my younger brother can consistently beat me now

– Never recorded a hole-in-one, despite being FRUSTRATINGLY close

– Once got my dad's golf cart stuck in the mud at 7 years old


Cheers, and best of luck out there to all of y'all!



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Welcome!  If you have any questions about using the site, check out our "Using the Site" section, and Little Things New Users can learn.



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Welcome Matt. Lots of great info, and folks here. Enjoy your stay.

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Welcome, great group over here

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Welcome Matt. Its a great site.

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