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Anyone else enjoy and or follow the show?


Returns on Monday, March 17th with Brandt Snedeker.  


I personally enjoy most of the interviews quite a bit. Some of his antics are a bit strange and annoying but the overall substance of most of his interviews are outstanding. Most interview shows are self important and about self promotion where as this show often seems like a way to flesh out his guests and not put forth some already conceived agenda. 


The Tom Watson episode was outstanding and actually was cool to see some insight into David Feherty's past. I also enjoyed Bill Russell, Bubba's, Jack Nicklaus', Larry David and Paul Azingers among many others. 


What are your thoughts or opinions on the show?

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I love the Feherty show. I could watch a full season in a sitting if I didn't have something else to do. I'm not sure how well the show would work on DVD though (not too many episodes I've tried to re-watch either), so I probably wouldn't go that far.
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I like Feherty.   he has such a quick wit - not many have that.     Sometimes he can try too hard, but usually he cracks me up

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Used to love him but I think I've been over-exposed. I think he's a great person although these days I have to take him in doses.
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Totally dig his show. He does a great job of making the show about his guest and not him. The opposite of most media-types. The Larry David episode is my favorite so far.

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I like Feherty. Every now and then I need to take a break from him, but usually he's great.

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Feherty is the man.  Did any of you catch when he did some color commentary for the Notre Dame - Navy game in Dublin two years ago?  Hilarious.  I don't think he had the first freakin' clue what was going on down on the field, but he was clearly enjoying himself.


My favorite Feherty-ism:


"Watching Phil Mickelson play golf is like watching a drunk chasing a balloon near a cliff."

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He annoys me at times, but I enjoy his interviews mostly because I am interested in his interviewees.   I DVR and FF past the monologs to the interview. 

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David Feherty is funny, but I have very little interest in those types of interview shows.  If I turn it on, sometimes I get caught up in it because the guest is interesting, but usually while I'm flipping through stations, if I see Feherty is on, I skip past it.

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I don't particularly care for extended doses of Feherty.
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I enjoy the Feherty show very much, I like his quick wit and love the interviews, I have found that many times after watching his show, I gain respect or an understanding of some of the players, that I really didn't like before the show,

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His "Live, behind the scenes" episode was hilarious............

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Can't stand the bloke...

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I enjoy his shows, but, just like I get that Kevin James is fat, I get that feherty is an ex-drunk.

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I like the show a lot. I think he's improved as an interviewer over the course of the show. If its on, I'll usually watch it. 

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I like him.  I try to watch the show when I can.

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I like the interviews, but really hate the contrived schtick (jumping into bushes, pretending he's a fish, etc.).  It's not funny, it's lame.  

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Originally Posted by chriskzoo View Post

I like the interviews, but really hate the contrived schtick (jumping into bushes, pretending he's a fish, etc.).  It's not funny, it's lame.  
I agree with this. He does a pretty good job with interviews but he tends to "force" the funny a little too much which is too bad because he is very funny guy when he just let's it come naturally.
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