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My Swing (iteeitup)

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I've been Playing Golf for:​ 35

My current handicap index or average score is: 13

My typical ball flight is: draw

The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Pull hook


Trying new takeaway with early hand set, breaking right wrist early and feeling like the but end of the club is pointing down once hands pass right thigh.  Swing feels really compact.  I have to concentrate on making sure but end of club is pointing at target as I start the swing down my stance line.  I need to work on arm extension at finish but so far, I really feel like I am compressing the ball.



Videos:  https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=15af4f2f93048daf&id=15AF4F2F93048DAF%211389&sff=1&authkey=!AD_j8Romg1IWMHI

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Re-posting in correct Youtube format




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About the only thing I can see is, and I'm No pro, is that you hinge/cock your wrist's to start the takeaway. I can only see you from your knees on up, and these old eyes just ain't what they use to be, so I'll defer to the resident experts re: anything else.


BTW, I strive for a wide takeaway, i.e. 1 piece takeaway.

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2 main things:


1) like Hammer 4 said, one piece takeaway. Turn with your shoulders, keep the same position with your wrists for the first few feet of the backswing


2) to stop the pull hook miss, post up onto your left side. this involves sliding your hips SLIGHTLY forward to start your downswing, and then getting your weight all the way to your left foot at impact. If that doesn't help, also feel like you're pulling your right elbow into your side on the downswing and it will help you hit the ball from the inside as opposed to coming over the top.

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Thank you - good feedback - I like the feeling of pulling right elbow into side on DS

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Hammer 4, the problem for me with the 1 piece takeaway is that my body is turning too early which causes my arms and club to have to catch up.  I also tend to tilt too much at target and lift my arms.


With the early wrist hinge, I feel like my club, arms and body all reach the top at once.  The main feel I have is pushing the club handle down with heel pad of left hand, feeling the but end of club pointing down just past my right thigh.  It felt really handsy at first but now is getting more comfortable.


 I have struggled with wrist hinge over the years worked on this with Andy Plumber a fews years ago in Erie, PA with  Dave, Eric, James.


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