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Okay so I posted on here back in August. Season wrapped up, I knew I couldn't play as I am in St. Louis and now season is starting to kick in. Just won the last two two-man's and getting too much of the golf-bug for my amateur season to start in May. I've played collectively 3 individual rounds(5 if you want to include the scrambles) with one range session and am 7 over par for the year. I am at work and can't stop thinking about golf or looking for tourney's in April I can go play in.. which brings me to my point- why are people really addicted?


I know why I am addicted; A) I have an addictive personality and B) I legitimately think I could do well on a mini-tour or above someday(4 years from now). 


The "turning pro" I feel is what drives me so much- I try and get as good as possible and I want to win every tournament I play in this year. Last year I was getting my tourney experience up but I really think I have a shot at winning something this year.


So why are you addicted? What makes the 15 handicapper addicted? I wish I could just play golf once a month with buddies and drink. I take it way too serious and NEVER drink when I am playing so I can shoot a good score. If you have read my original post I ever made, I have only played 5.5 years, played in college after my first year, and threw up a 72, 73, 73 in amateur championship tournaments last year. SO I feel like out of all of the players who have been playing for 5 years, I have advanced fairly quickly. 


My name is Also Dan, and I am fully aware of "The Dan Plan" and while I am rooting him, he has played as much golf in 4 years as I have played in 5 and I feel I am well beyond where he sits today. I don't know.. I needed to get this off my chest I guess. I sit at work thinking about golf, I add up stats at night, I look at past tournaments to see what winning scores were, I watch golf all day long, my wife hates golf now. We have two kids and I am only 26 years old and sometimes it creates friction but I can't stop playing. I feel like I have worked too hard for that.. Also I feel like all of my work is done on time (I do recruiting) but feel guilty about looking at golf sites. Some nights I get home from the range and feel like I should have just went home to hang with the family. I just want to know if anyone has some advice on how balance golf and life. Also- if people want to rip on me for wanting to make it pro, I am all for it. I have 32 competitive rounds schedule including the US Open Local qualifier this year so any hate will help motivate.  I don't think anyone in the world loves golf as much as me. I have never found anyone who wants to travel around and play in amateur events and practice as much as me. I need a 12 step program.


I'm a 12, and my goal for this season is to make it to single digits. I think that's why many of us are addicted; no matter what skill level we are or what scores we put up, golf allows us to always improve and set individual goals for us to chase. For a while, it was breaking 90, then it was breaking 80, then it was this, or it was that! 


I play with a group that varies from 12 to 36 handicaps. Our league uses net scoring, and we all have a fair shot each bi-weekly outing. Of course, when a few of them have a few too many to drink while playing, it does irk me. But no more than I irk them when I ask if they saw my mini-draw off the tee, when I know darn well they just buried one deep in a lake. Some take golf very seriously, and some just like getting out on the weekends, away from the stress of home and work. We're all different, but we're all friends. We all love golf, but probably for different reasons. 

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You won't find many people who are that different from you. I think we all are addicted to golf. That's why we're all posting on this forum.


It's kind of like admitting to being an alcoholic, then go visit your local brewery.

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I know what you're talking about and I'm willing to bet that most of the guys on TST do as well. I think about golf 24/7/365. There are countless threads talking about this subject on this site, but the discussion about how to balance the obsession is an interesting one. I personally try and include my kids or wife even though they don't play (yet). And, I have had to be conscious about being intentionally in the moment. In other words, when I am hanging out with my 9-year-old son, I make a conscious effort to give him and that moment my full attention. I have found that I also appreciate golf more when I return to the course because I have been trying to get away mentally.

Man, after reading this myself, I think I have a real problem too. b2_tongue.gif
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