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I guess the question now can the Germans just play defense for the rest of the game? With the brazilians playing with more urgency I don't think they will.. They need to play for another goal..

Although not having neymar is going to be felt by the brazilians especially down 1
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Brazil has to attack now so that will leave space for the Germans. Those machines run blazing fast. As soon as they turn on deutches gründlichkeit passing mode they will win with great numbers
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And that's what is was saying, Brazil will not win tonight.
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Holy ****

We are going to see some red cards tonight.
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They are going to lay it on now.. The brazilians should just pack it in now!
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This is bizar
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Holy Crap! 4-0 to Germany inside 30 minutes???? Thought Brazil were a poor shadow of their famous past but this is ridiculous!

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Oh, no. Don't cut to crying children, FIFA!
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Anyone who likes soccer is loving this now
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German Power Football
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That's the worst.. Crying fans.. Grow up will ya!
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Well. In Brazil football is a religion. They breath football. So I can understand that they are crying.

This 5-0 how is this possible? I kind of predicted it would go like that. As soon as German was ahead they killed them with precision between the spaces they got because of Brazil attacking.
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Originally Posted by Reval14 View Post

German Power Football

We are not worthy! German football is how English fans and media think England play. Congratulations. And now it's 5!

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The suicide rate in Brazil is going to see a spike.
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Ok.. 10 nothing before end of this one?
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I fear for the player who injured Neymar.
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