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When I think of fitting I think of new clubs. Are you saying to get fit to know my lie, loft, etc. so I know what to look for in used clubs?

I would add that the key issue is ensuring the consistency of your set. When you buy a used set, it is like buying a used car. You don't know the history and what the previous owner may have done to repair or customize it. Especially when you start mixing in new clubs (even just new irons with new woods, but nowadays, we add in several other specials - wedges, hybrids, driving irons, etc.), you end up with clubs of varying dynamics. That is where a good clubfitter can help you get those club's consistent across the board. Sure, in that process is also fitting the clubs to you, but I think we tend to "overfit" ourselves. If for some reason we fall outside "standard" parameters, you have to ask "is it because I am physically unique or is it because of something I do setup or swing wise." It doesn't do much good, for example, to get adjusted for lie angle if your posture is terrible.

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They still make the Maxfli Revolution's..? I had those clubs in the late 90's...loved em.

No sorry, but I got a brand new heads from a guy over at the Golfwrx formus. Fitted them with Projext X 6.0 shafts, WONDERFULL irons :)

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