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Hello from Washington State

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Hello all!


The names will, I am from Washington State.  When I am at school (College) I play a regular length 9 hole course.  Its reasonably cheap and I get plenty of practice and enjoyment there.  While at home for the summer I usually play a very technical 9 hole par 3, also cheap.  I love the feel of my mizuno mp54 irons!  Been golfing for a little over a year and really have come to love the game.  I currently have roughly a 20 handicap, although my best score ever was 8 over on a 9 hole course.  Today I played for the first time of the season with my new irons and shot 9 over on that little par 3. I was ecstatic to say the least!  I love golf, love talking golf and forums! 


Cheers and good luck this season!

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Welcome to the site!

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