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Best previous model 3 woods that are still relevant

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Can you guys suggest some of the best 3 woods you have used or heard of that can be had for cheap but are still relevant. I have been putting together a new bag this year. I have all used clubs except for my driver. I am looking for a solid 3 wood that I can "steal". I live within 2 miles of a pga tour superstore, golfsmith, and golf galaxy with many more shops in a 10-20 mile radius. I love going in to look for used clubs deals. Just hoping you guys can give me some ideas on what to look for based on your past experience with timeless clubs. (Maybe some of the clubs you wish you would have never gotten rid of)


I'm looking for something with a graphite shaft and shallow face that is fairly easy to hit off the deck.


Hybrid suggestions are also very welcome here.

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I don't know how common they are, so might be hard to run across on the used club racks, but...

Srixon W403 AD

Slightly shallower face and easy to hit off the deck or pick a ball out of the rough. Also a great choice off the tee! The head is just a great size visually and really frames the ball nicely to my eyes and promotes confidence.

Lots of great choices out there though... Do yourself a favor and hit as many as you can before you buy and choose the one you like the most.
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I still play a 2007 Callaway Big Bertha 3w... With no plans of replacing it anytime soon. Great club... Probably why the new 2014 Big Bertha is pretty much the same club.

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Taylormade v steel I'm not sure when they were released. I wish I would have never gotten rid of that stick. Great all around 3wood. I am now playing a burner 1.0 3 wood and it's a great stick also. If I do come across another v steel in stiff I will own that club again lol
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Titleist 980F? Phil Mickelson put one back into play briefly last year. Copy cat - I've been using one for years lol.

Other Titleists to consider could be the 906F4 and the 909F2 - both excellent fairways and still plenty relevant (and cheap). For easier to use and launch, you can't really go wrong with the Ping G series. G20 would be my pick and plenty around fairly cheap.

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Thanks for the input so far! I am been looking at some of those in the past, such as the v-steel and 909F2 and 906f4. I saw a 909F2 a while back and thought about purchasing it but after I waited to look it up online it was gone the next time I went back. I also saw a v-steel spam but it was regular flex. I would have bought it if it was stiff (only 14 bucks).


I have never heard about the srixon or 980F but both look like they have a shallower face like I want. Not going to lie, I kind of like the idea of a titleist 3 wood but definitely open to others. I don't really know why, I just want to and I stink at this game so it won't be a big deal if it's not the perfect club for me.


Golfsmith has a lot of 906s but they are priced outrageously (like 80 bucks). Does anyone know if golfsmith will haggle these prices, perhaps based on the pga value guide?

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The v steel is almost worth resahfting if you find anotherone
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What I've read here is that there might be room for a price adjustment so it probably doesn't hurt to ask. I'm watching a driver locally and noticed that the estimated value on the PGA value site just dropped by $10-15. Keep your eyes open, things change daily.
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TM R7 steel was, and still is, a great club, especially if you prefer a smaller head and shallow face.
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Not sure what your budget is, but the Callaway X Hot, Titleist 910F and Adams Amp Cell are all under $100 on pre-owned equipment sites.

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yeah I thought about reshafting that v-stee. But it is also gone now too. There is another old taylormade at golfgalaxy. Not sure what it is but I saw it yesterday. It's $7. Might go find out what it is and see what you guys know about it. I have been thinking about waiting around for a 910 because the pga store has a lefty one for 40 bucks. If I can find a righty for that price I will definitely buy it. Do they have two versions of the 910 like that have had in the past? If so, which is the shallow face one?


And unfortunately I was also too slow to act on an R7 I found and it's gone too. Obviously I am in a golf hot spot (3 stores  within a mile of each other) and unfortunately most people around here have much more money to drop on a whim for an old school club so they disappear fast.

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oh and I would like to keep this purchase under $50 bucks

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Lots of vsteels on eBay, if that's what your looking for. Just saw one with stiff shaft and headcover for $30 shipped.
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Originally Posted by irishmike27 View Post

Lots of vsteels on eBay, if that's what your looking for. Just saw one with stiff shaft and headcover for $30 shipped.

Thanks for the suggestion. However I purchased some irons off of ebay and I did not enjoy the experience at all. That being said the irons were fine and in pretty good condition. I was just super nervous about them in the days leading up to their arrival. Plus the grips were in much worse condition than I thought so I would have had to dumb money into those. So I have eliminated ebay, or really any online option. I want to hold the club before I buy it. It may be silly but that is what I need to feel comfortable with my purchase. Thanks for the suggestion though.

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Looks like the 910F is the shallow face version. Got that figured out

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V Steel or Callaway Steelhead III were my favorites.

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Support a sponsor: lots of good clubs here starting as low as $9.99: http://www.globalgolf.com/golf-clubs/used/fairway-wood/?sort=2 .

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