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Macomb County

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Hi, I started this group because I didn't see any group pertaining to Michigan golf. I play in the northern suburbs of Detroit. My home course is Rammler, but enjoy Greystone, Twin Lakes, Stoney Creek, and others.

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You're a little south of me.   I live in Davison but will be playing in a league in Milford this year.   I don't have a home course and enjoy playing several different ones throughout the year.   Last year I played at least 12 different courses. 

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I did play Eagle Eye, Hawk Hollow, both MSU courses, and Chemung Hills, Hunter's Ridge, Moose Ridge that might be your way a little?

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I live in Washington TWP and play Myth, Bruce Hills, Hickory Hollow mostly.  I took a few walks this spring trying out free caddy on my cell phone at Stoney Creek and was real impressed with both the course and app. I plan on walking the senior league at Bruce Hills on Monday mornings with my new push cart if the body can take it...

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Played the back nine at Bruce Hills this morning.  Beautiful day near 80 degrees...

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I live just south of Lansing and got out to Eagle Eye already.  It was a bad idea for that to be the first course I played for the year.  I also played MSU East course yesterday.  Did much better.  My inlaws live in Rochester.  What are the best courses in that area for the best price?

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I like the Myth alot (North of Rochester) 

and it is owned by the same folks that own Bruce Hills.  I live closer to Bruce Hills and will be playing the league this year also.   Last year I walked and played the Myth par 3 for exercise and fun 3 days a week.  You cannot walk the main 18 hole course at the Myth as you need a cart to get around.  Look for coupons and they sell a card that gets a free 18 holes of golf and $4.00 off every time you play also.  I pay $8.00 senior to walk the par 3 and the longest hole is 168 yards but lot of water and challenging.  I carry a light weight bag and irons for the par 3 and purchased a Clicgear push cart I plan on doing 9 holes at Bruce Hills senior league.  Nice to have places I can afford to golf at.  Greystone is my favorite in the area but unless I can get golfnow deal it is to pricey for me.

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Blackheath is a decent course for a reasonable price.

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Thanks!  I'll definitely have to check those out when Im down there next.  Appreciate the info!

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Hey guys-


I'm looking for some information about the three Golfsmith stores downstate. I'm considering buying a new set of irons this winter. Golfsmith really took care of an Amazon order that got messed up (through no fault of theirs), so I thought I'd purchase and have the clubs fitted by them.


There are three stores in the Detroit area. I'm hoping someone can give me some advice on whether one store might be better than another. It's a bit of a drive for me so I wouldn't have a lot of time to shop around.



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I can't speak for all of them but the Golfsmith in Troy on Big Beaver Rd has a Golftec inside.  I've seen several people getting lessons or fitted.   They staff seems very friendly.   I was down there a couple weeks ago.

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Cool, that's kind of what I was looking for as a reference. And a big reason I'd want to go with them is to be fitted (I think they call it "Smartfit").



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