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Wedge Questions

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I recently bought a set of Callaway X Hot irons and the pitching wedge is 44 degrees. I already have a 56 degree sand wedge. Would it be better to buy a 48 and 52 degree wedges or just a 50 degree?

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If it were me, I would get a 50 and keep the 56, of course your conditions, and playing style may be different. If you feel the need to have your clubs with a 4* gap, go with the 48, and 52 along with your 56.

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Welcome to the site. I agree with @Hammer 4, go with the 50 degree. 

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In the X.Hot irons, you have about 4* loft difference between 7i, 8i, 9i and PW. Between the numbered short irons, you have 1/2" difference in shaft lengths. Traditionally 4* and 1/2" gives a player about 10-12 yards between clubs.


7i = 36"

8i = 35.5"

9i = 35"

PW = 34.75"


But, 9i to PW is only 1/4" difference.


So, if you got a 50*, the 6* loft gap and the only 1/4" shaft length difference roughly cancel each other out as far as a common distance gap goes.


You don't say what SW wedge you have. When you blend an iron set's PW with specialty wedges (G, S, L) from another model, you can end up with an odd distance gap between the PW and the other wedges.


If you have a difference between wedges of  {4* loft and 1/4" shaft length}, the distance gaps will be smaller. It all depends on what you want.


One solution would be to get a 50* that matches your 56*, or get an X.Hot 49* AW (if necessary, bend it to 50* loft).

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