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Scotty square back 1 or 2??

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Hi guys
I'm thinking of changing to a scotty cameron square back either 1 or 2 models. After reading reviews it seems the 2 has slightly more toe hang and says it helps eliminate pulled putts to left?? Im currently pushing slightly to the right but was told to go for this model because of the plumbers neck!? I'm confused!!!??? I'm currently using odyssey metal x 7 c/s. If anyone can tell me main differences between both models if be much appreciated!!
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The main differences are the Squareback 1 is face balanced and the Squareback 2 has toe hang, or "toe flow". Obviously, the Squareback 2 has a plumbing neck hosel rather than a half bend shaft like the Squareback 1, which in turn gives a full shaft of offset rather than a half shaft of offset with the Squareback 1. The Squareback 2 features a slightly thinner top line, but a slightly thicker cavity than the Squareback 1, but the weights are essentially the same. For a better understanding of how each specific characteristic works or suits your style, refer to the SC putter selection guide here:


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Guys, I'm not that familiar with the Scotty Cameron putters, but the other day at the golf course I played a ping answer putter (i left mine at the house after putting on a new grip) and my distance control was amazingly better.  I felt like I had a lot more feel than with my soft mallet putter.  I'm looking at something that is solid and not soft feeling maybe something with a plumbing neck and looks like a cross between a mallet and a regular putter.....  everything is pointing me to the squareback 2....     from what I read, the squareback 2 also has a shorter blade length.  All signs go....


My putting seems to be more straight back straight through... my question is similar to Mazza...  does that mean I need more toe hang (plumbers neck)? 

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