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Machine Putters

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Anybody have a Machine putter made for them or buy a stock Machine putter? If so, how did it work out for you? I've been looking but haven't pulled the trigger, cost is way high but they do look good.

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I'm sorry, but what the heck is a machine putter? Is that a new brand or something. Never heard of it.

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Originally Posted by Motley01 View Post

I'm sorry, but what the heck is a machine putter? Is that a new brand or something. Never heard of it.



I think he is referring to these putters.   http://machineputters.gostorego.com/

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$300-$590+.... I think that's all I really needed to see. That is absolutely insane and overpriced. 

"Cool putter bro, what is that?"
"This? Oh.. it's just my $4,000 DAMASCUS BOGEY MAKER!"


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As time consuming as golf is, not just the time on course but practice etc, I would assume people would want the best equipment they can afford, matched to their skill level. I get nothing out of getting out there and wondering if something could have been better or worse due to improper equipment. If spending 5x what it costs for something random off the rack saves me a mere two strokes a side I go home a lot happier. Be it balls, putters, lessons, whatever...Anyway the Machine looks nice and the price doesn't scare me but I am happy with what I have and use. I have 6 putters including an Edel and at least 3 of them could have been avoided. A couple are duplicates that never leave the home practice area. I practice with what I play with right down to the ball.

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My question is what is confidence worth?

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Originally Posted by Spyder View Post

You know much more about fitting and equipment than I do, by far. It seemed as though my previous post was questioning your expertise and that was definitely not my intent and I can see how others would have read what I typed and thought that was the case. That's my bad!.


I don't think I took it that way. I didn't agree that my statement was "marketing" though, so I sought to explain why it's not marketing, and how many serious golfers can easily justify or see the benefits in spending $350 to $500 on a putter.


Originally Posted by Spyder View Post

I was only saying that taken at face value, it could be taken as a marketing line. Especially by people like me, who are uneducated in terms of putter fittings. I thought a putter fitting incorporated you walking out of the store with the proper length, grip, lie, loft, weight and visually appealing alignment aids which produced optimal results.


Yeah… lots more to it than that. :)


Originally Posted by Spyder View Post

I should have kept my question simple and just asked "How can Machine Putters compete with other companies in the industry when they're not as well-known, yet still market their product at such a high cost?"


Why not? Supply and demand. Their putters are not assembly line putters. How can Scotty Cameron justify charging $350 for an assembly line putter?


Originally Posted by Spyder View Post

I love non-traditional ideas and one-off businesses, similar to how I love craft beer as opposed to large breweries (based simply on quality and taste). Is this a comparable type of scenario? The process of creating a one-off putter is so much more intricate and detailed that the cost is justified? Similar to how I'm paying $15-18 for a six-pack of brew when I could be getting a 24 pack of bud light for the same price?




And I'm not trying to rip on SC putters… but they assembly line them like your less expensive Cleveland putter, and… still charge $350 or whatever. So to me, that is the tougher thing to understand, why people pay that. The answer: they place value on the combination on the name, the looks, the materials, and so on.

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Originally Posted by cooke119 View Post

Anybody have a Machine putter made for them or buy a stock Machine putter? If so, how did it work out for you? I've been looking but haven't pulled the trigger, cost is way high but they do look good.


Hi Cooke119, 


Thanks for your post and your interest in our MACHINE Putters!  Unfortunately it appears the thread got a little off-topic...  As a recent sponsor, a long time reader and an acquaintance of the founders, I know this site strives to keep the threads on-topic, positive and pertinent to the original post....  Everyone has their favorites and their opinions, but many of us believe it's nice to keep an open mind and discover something new every so often!  :)


Therefore, if you have any questions whatsoever, please don't hesitate to contact me personally.  


For those that don't know us, we're a 20-year old company that has focused on intensive R&D, Intellectual Property creation and state-of-the-art manufacturing solutions for ourselves and a host of other golf companies, having done work with and for some of the biggest and best brands in the game.  We have 14 patents (and many more pending), eight of which cover pioneering technologies in fitting and adjustability. This focus has helped make our putters a rapidly growing choice for golfers who want the very best putter they can, and to have the #1 club in their bag made precisely to their specifications, performance and more personal aesthetic wants and needs.


We work very hard and with a lot of passion to continuously innovate and to make the best and highest quality products available anywhere.  We proudly offer a 100% Made in USA products, and make them all in-house too.  We conceive, design, program, mill and finish our putters in our own shop in Texas, where we also fit and personalize to the nth degree.  You could consider us your own personal tour department, as we are intently focused on our customers first, rather than tour players (nonetheless, we've had over 180 tour pros use our equipment, achieving 11 tour wins, used by a dozen hall-of-fame players, with millions upon millions in earnings too, and that's NOT counting the designs, technologies, IP and products made for other major OEM's).  


Our proline putters are very competitively priced with other major OEM brands that mill there own putters (of which there are only a few), starting at $300.  Our prices do increase based on the intricacy of each design, material, and manufacturing option that our customers each choose, based entirely on what they want and need.  We have a rapidly growing network of authorized fitters and green grass professionals that carry, sell and fit our putters.  


So if you haven't seen or tried a MACHINE Putter, ask your local pro or fitter, and check them out on our main website here: www.doglegright.com


There should also be some reviews upcoming and possibly even some contest prizes, so keep a look out, and an open mind.  You might see something you like!


Thanks again for your post and for your interest. 


All the best, 


-Dave Billings


President & CEO 

Dogleg Right Corp.

Makers of the MACHINE Putters, the Ultimate in Custom Putters TM

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I really like the M9 in 303 stainless but all look like a work of art. Now I have to figure out how to get fitted.

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