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Hey guys! I'm Kevin. Been golfing on and off for over 20 years. This past year I've gotten crazy with it and have total dedication to this amazing sport.

Spent time with a pro/fitter and have a nice set of Ping G25 Green dot +1/2" steel stiff shafts 4-UW. I use a Ping G20 driver. I'm 6'2 245lbs, not a porker.

I became cursed with shanks years ago and it devastated me to the point where the little time I had for golf simply became frustrating and humiliating so I just put it down.

6 years passed and I picked the game back up with a vengeance. My new career allowed me the time and finances to pursue this game I've really loved my whole life.

I've spent hours on the practice range/putting green and currently an 8 handicap. I'm hitting the ball better than I ever have but of course need some advice here and there.

I look forward to coming to this site for all things golf and maybe even be able to give a tip to a newbie here and there. I'm really impressed with all I've read so far!
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Hey Kevin, welcome to The Sand Trap. There's a ton of great info about golf on this site, and some very savy instructors also. Hope you enjoy your stay.

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