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Jim Kelly

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As a lifelong Buffalo Bills fan, this story is really tearing me up.  This guy has had one hell of a heartbreaking life, and I'm not even talking about the 4 consecutive Super Bowl losses.  Great article on his tragedies. It will help put your life in perspective. 



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Great QB.  Even though I am a Pats fans, I appreciated his talent and Marv Levy's coaching.

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And now news that Ralph Wilson has just died.  Tough times for folks in WNY.

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Yeah, both are very sad. Jim has been so active in support of the team and I fear that without Ralph the team may end up leaving the area.
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I recall a poll of NFL players in the 1990s as to who was the toughest player in the game. The winner was Jim Kelly.


I'm sure that toughness is serving him and his family well at the moment. Praying for them.

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That reminds me of this:


During NBC's pregame show on Oct. 20, analyst Jim Kelly questioned Harbaugh's propensity for injury, calling him a "baby" who "overdramatized" his injuries.

Harbaugh heard about it, and what do you know—Kelly and NBC were in San Diego for Indianapolis's next game. The Saturday before the game, Kelly was at the Colts' hotel for a production meeting. Harbaugh reportedly poked his head into the room and told Kelly he wanted to talk. The two went into another room and exchanged punches, in a scuffle that lasted about 30 seconds, according to the Daily News.

Kelly was fine. Harbaugh broke a bone, and was placed on the non-football injury list, meaning he'd have to forfeit his salary ($147,000 a week) until he was healthy. He returned on Nov. 23.

"I consider this something personal between Jim Kelly and I," Harbaugh told the AP, wearing a protective wrap on his hand. "We settled things."

Did he regret anything?

"I regret that I have a crack in one of my bones in my hand."

Harbaugh would later tell ESPN News that "I felt I had to do something since my toughness was being questioned."
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One thing for sure, Kelly was a much better QB than Harbaugh.

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Originally Posted by boogielicious View Post

One thing for sure, Kelly was a much better QB than Harbaugh.


Oh, by miles.

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