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How much push is too much?

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Hey guys,

Another thread has motivated me to post about an issue I'm having.  First off, I have a device that measures ball data so everything I'm talking about is measured.  To make this as short as possible, I am trying to eliminate a two way miss with all shots, but especially my driver.  Having fiddled with things for a few months I've been pretty successful but I have a question about hitting push draws.  Basically, how much of a push is too much?  Lets say we talk in degrees, do you think you can repeatably push draw a driver with a starting launch of +1 degrees? +4? +5? +10?  Obviously the further right you start it, the harder it is to bring it back and I've found my best drives start at around 3 degrees right of my start line.  I can hit it 8 degrees to the right and bring it back some, but not the whole way and if I miss I'm off the planet right.   All this said though, I'm more consistent when I start it off almost straight and draw it.  Say +0.5 to +1 off to the right.  Starting it off around there seems to really reduce 2 way misses as opposed to starting it off +3-4 degrees and then not closing the face in time sending my ball way right.  It does bring an overdraw more into play for me though.  I guess I'm curious how you guys play it.  Do you try to hit a big push and bring it back or do you hit a small push draw?  Which is more manageable for you and which eliminates 2 way misses for you best?


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I think it is possible, but if it is inconsistent, I would not work on it as much.  I have two way misses as well with my driver.  The further back in my stance I put the ball, the more of a push I will get.  It gets very hard to get the draw if I go too far back.  It also will vary between a high push or push fade right or a low draw left.  Obviously I am having trouble controlling the face angle at impact when the ball is further back.


So this year I am working with my instructor on keeping my set up, ball position and swing path consistent.  There is also a nice thread on shaping the ball with set up changes in the Swing Thoughts section.  I don't actively try to shape the ball often, but understanding what affects shaping the ball helps.


 Shaping the Ball 

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