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New French golfer

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Hello everyone!
I'm New, I'm planning to come to United States to study soon, and I'm looking for great places to play golf in California!
Sorry for my writing I'm French so I'm not the best English speaker at the moment!

Thanks :)
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Welcome to The Sand Trap! :beer:

There is no need to apologize for your English (your English is fine!) and we're happy to have you! There are many TST members from California here an I am sure that they will be recommending plenty of great courses for you to check out. 

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Welcome. Look forward to seeing your post's. Maybe you can tell us about golfing in your country.

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Welcome to TST.


Are you coming to Northern California or the South?


In any case, there are many great courses here.

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Thanks I'm coming to San Diego because I just graduated from my school and I wanna discover USA that's why I found a cheap certificate at national university golf academy in Carlsbad!
So I would like to know if anyone knows something about this city and this university?

About golfing in my country, that's pretty good but the problem is the weather! It's not like in California! So it's raining very often and you cannot play when you want!
I'm looking forward to come to California to have great time many people told me that it's sick to live there!

Thanks :)
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Bienvenue à la sandtrap. Votre anglais est très bon, mieux que la plupart de nos contributeurs habituels.




C'est le meilleur site de Golf sur Internet, vous aurez un grand temps ici et apprendre une tonne de excellentes informations.



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Thank you very much! I hope so!
I hope someone will be able to give me some information about the national university golf academy located in carlsbad!
I planned to go there on September or October! So I would appreciate to know if it's a good place or not! :)
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