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Heath vs. Little Joe

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I recently discovered this channel on my cable system that airs nothing but old TV programs. I'm a big fan of Westerns, and Bonanza and The Big Valley are on back to back every afternoon.


For those of you old enough to have watched the shows, who do you think would win a gunfight between Heath Barkley and Little Joe Cartwright? They were both real fast, but I think I'd lean toward Heath because of an overall calmer demeanor.


How about a debate between Jarrod Barkley and Adam Cartwright? That could go on for days.


Hoss would beat the crap out of Nick Barkley in a barroom brawl – just too much size and raw strength.


I'm not sure what Ben Cartwright and Victoria Barkley could square off in.


Audra Barkley (a young Linda Evans) might've been the hottest woman in the history of television.

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I was working in Sacramento in the early '80s.  Took a weekend off and drove around Lake Tahoe.  It all looked very familiar on the Nevada side.  I saw a sign, "Ponderosa Ranch Road - 3 miles".  Sure enough, there was the old set of Bonanza.


Michael Landon, aka Little Joe, went to USC on a track scholarship throwing the javelin.  So I would put money on Little Joe.

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How can you go up against a guy with that face.

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Little Joe, every time. Even though he was a lefty!
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Jones on Alias Smith and Jones. So fast he never had to shoot!!!

Of course then there's Walter Brennen on The Guns of Will Sonnet. "He's better. But I'm better than both of them. No brag. Just fact."
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