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Looking at the state of my game.  I can't pin point one specific area that needs significant improvement.  That being said, I'm working strongly on improving distance to hole when I'm GIR (mainly from 130-160yds out).  Putting is difficult to judge as many courses are aerating right now and still slow from winter, but I'd like to think that I'm a good putter for the most part.  My driving accuracy could get a bit better, but its not hurting me too much right now.  Today at least, I plan on working on chipping/pitching and some putting, while hitting a bucket to maintain my swing thoughts right now.

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Best = short game.  Wedges, pitching, chipping and putting see a lot of practice time.


Worst = midrange game 140-200 yards from green.  This includes par-3s in which I RARELY hit a green.


I'm ok with hitting drives in the 200-225 range. Generally hit fairways and rarely cause any trouble with a tee shot.  It's that NEXT shot that kills my game unless of course I'm inside 150 which isn't very often on a par 4 or 5.



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Well, so far, mid to short irons, including high lofted wedges would be my best.


Putting...so-so, could use some improvement with regards to judging distance.


Driving and fairway woods, i.e. 3 wood is Not going well at all..:cry: 

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The best was pretty easy for me....


  I am driving the ball really, really well right.  I am only missing a couple fairways a round, and most of those are just off the fairway in the first cut, little harm done.  I have only missed one fairway with driver in the last two rounds.  I am hitting it pretty long also, the two really good ball strikes I had ended up at 268 and a incredible to me 284.  My misses are in the fairway 220-240 now..(this was good strike a couple yrs ago).


  Fairway woods are playing almost as well, my 7 wood has become a weapon from 210 ish....


  Everything else is pretty much the reason I shoot 90ish even though I have short irons/wedges into the green on almost every par 4 (short course)


  My iron play is improving but still pretty weak, my chipping and pitching is still not great either...probably a little worse considering, and putting has been really bad of late....

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Ball striking, more specifically, occasional OBs, is my worst.   It doesn't matter what length the club is.   I can shank with any length club.  I can hit well for 5 - 6 shots straight followed by OB which leads to big numbers.


Putting is my best, averaging 34 putts on fast green, 32 on slower ones.  More specifically, I do well on lag putts and rarely 3 putts b/c of it.

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My best right now is probably my driver. I'm not an extremely long hitter (260-270), but I hit a lot of fairways which sets me up nicely to hit a lot of GIR's.


My worst at the moment is probably my iron play from poor lies such as fairway bunkers or bad lies in the rough.




On a separate topic, I think some people put a little too much emphasis on their putts per round statistic. It's a good stat to keep track of and I track mine as well, but it can be deceiving. When looking at putts per round, you must also take into consideration your GIR percentage. As your GIR's go up, your putts will likely go up as well but that's okay because your score will likely go down. Instead of missing the GIR, chipping up and having to save par with a one putt, it's much less stressful to hit the green at 30 feet and two putt for par. From my experience, GIR percentage is the single most important statistic to improve. I'll take 18 GIR's and 36 putts every time.

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My swing's in serious flux right now, so it's super variable from round to round.  But in general, recently:


Strengths: The driver has been a big strength.  Lots of bombs right where I want them.  Put a really pretty drive on a 300 yard hole to 6 feet the other day (short pin, so probably ~293 to the pin).  Didn't make the putt, which leads to...


Weaknesses: Putting has been horrendous recently.  Lots of 35-38 putt rounds, even with decent short game.  Can't remember the last 4-6 footer I made...  Iron play has suffered the most with the swing changes.  Will stiff pins (or at least my target when that's not the pin) for a couple holes and then do my best to find OB or jail on approaches the next 4 holes.  The effects of this variability are made even worse by the horrible putting.  Unless I put my pitch inside 2 feet there's a nearly 0% chance I'm getting up and down.


Improving:  Been really dialing in the short shots recently (for my HC, not claiming + golfer style accuracy or anything).  I've been feeling super comfortable over 25-60 yard shots recently.  Really expecting them to be on line or close, pretty often the right distance too, and rarely not on the green.

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Driving is by far my strength. I'd say I average around 230-250yds and hit fairway roughly 75% +/- of the time with most of misses not being too far off. 


Irons are my weakest and it's not even close. I am slowly getting there, but I just plain suck with my irons until i get 100yds or closer and then I'm ok. 

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