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My Swing (greenskyy)

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Hey all,


I'd just like to introduce myself and say that I've just started golfing again and am practicing every weekend by going to the driving range. I've been golfing on-and-off for around 8 years, although I've never been relatively good at all. I'd put myself in the double-bogey range (around 110). This time around, I want to have a more consistent and reliable swing. I practice with a 4-iron and hit it around 125 when I chunk it, to an upwards of 175 when I hit it nicely. When I first started this season I was hitting them well and getting some height and distance on the ball, but as usual with golf, the more I practice, the worse I get.


If you watch the video, you'll see that I'm not getting under the ball very much and am hitting lots of worm-burners. This has been getting worse the more I go to the driving range.


Any advice on my golf swing and/or drills I could do to put me on the right path would be greatly appreciated!





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Check this thread out:


 Good Golf Posture (How to Address the Golf Ball) 

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Thank you for the link! One thing I noticed about myself from watching my video is how bad my lordosis is, because I wasn't even trying to stick my butt out like that. 

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