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Favorite Golfing Partner(s) - Who is yours?

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One of the things I enjoy most about golf is getting to enjoy the game with others. I have a few people that I play with the majority of the time, but I'm willing to swing the sticks with just about anyone. I thought I would share a few of my favorites and see what others have to share.


a. My Dad - he introduced me to the game and I think golf is one of the biggest reasons we have a good relationship. He taught me a ton about the game and I enjoy every single round I get to play with him, even when he bets me.

b. Lifetime Friend - I grew up with this guys. I've known him since we were in grade school and grew up in a small town together. We played a lot of the same sports in high school - football, wrestling, golf(needed a break after the first two seasons). We live pretty close and is usually up for a game if he isn't coaching something(now a high school history teacher. 

c. College Friend - A guy I met in college, probably inebriated. He is from the Cape Cod area. He just has many of the same interests as I do, golf, golf, beer, hunting and ended up being my best man in my wedding.

d. Others(honorable mentions) - other friends,father in law, brother(s) in law, all the guys in the men's club from my small town that taught me how to behave appropriately on the golf course(golf etiquette and how to curse a poor golf shot:whistle:), and all of the random golfers when I couldn't scrounge up a foursome. 


I feel luck to know these people and share a common interest.


Who is you favorite playing partner(s)?

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My son. Not a close call.

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Close friends.

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It was my Father-in-law for the last 20 years, until he passed away a year and a half ago.  I always played my best when I played with him.  We traveled all over the US playing golf together.  He was like a father, brother, and best buddy all rolled into one.  And when I was playing golf with him I could never get in trouble with his daughter for playing golf.  I miss him a ton.  I always texted him to tell him about new courses I played, rounds I had, or shots I had.

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Definitely my brother in law, he got me into the game 3 years ago and taught me everything I know.  Not sure I would have made it through the early struggles without his help.

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A local pro that is a good friend of mine. He fluctuates around a +3, and just watching him reminds me of how far I am from where I want to be.

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@SCfanatic35 , although we don't get to do it nearly often enough!!!!!!!!!!

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We will at the men's invitational. Golf from sun up til sun down for 3 days in a row.

Kind of like a mini Bandon trip, It's getting u prepared.
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Favorite golfing partner...

In no particular order
My brother @golfingdad because hes my bro, (online manly hug ensues)
My wife and kids because I enjoy teaching them the game.
My normal Saturday group because it is a bunch of good guys.
Any guy who is a single digit hdcp, because I always play better with them.
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Originally Posted by SCfanatic35 View Post

Favorite golfing partner...

In no particular order
My brother @golfingdad because hes my bro, (online manly hug ensues)

In case anybody was wondering, our hugs look like this:


That's right ... The ****ing Catalina wine mixer!!!!!!!!!

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Man @Golfingdad I can't wait to get to a SoCal event for some awkward hugs!


My favorite golfing partners...ha ha, good one!

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My son, we have always done everything together , he was the one that got me back in the game about 1 1/2 years ago. Not looking forward to him leaving for collage.

Father in law, although there has been times I would like to hit in with my driver.


Used to be my wife 20 years ago we used to play every weekend before my kids were born and we had to stop for scouts. It was fun we both really sucked but had a great time at it.

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My father-in-law. He got me started in golf. He's amazing. He's 65 and still plays to scratch--he's been down as low as +1.5. He has literally only had 2 lessons in his entire life only on the short game. But he's got this great S&T like swing that he built on his own. The reason he's such a great partner is that he's laid back and I never feel pressure from him. He also doesn't give advice unless I ask. It doesn't hurt that he usually picks up the tab for the round! 

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I have a tie for favorite golfing partner. I golf a fair bit with a pharmacist from work, and it's always a blast when we tee up together.

The other is my father in law. We usually get at least a round per week in together, and I play with his team for league night. I appreciate all that he tries to teach me, although a lot of the time it doesn't sink in to my thick skull.
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I hope if I ever have in-laws, they're as good as the ones described here.

As for me, drawing from the set of people I've played with on a regular or semi-regular basis at any point, there's one member of my club that I'd probably say is my favorite golfing partner.
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Without question, my grandsons are my favorite partners.  However since they are both busy with other my default is an old friend I've know for many years.  You know what they say,  "you can always make new friends but you can't make any new old friends so take care of the ones you have".  

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My favorite partner is someone who is better than me.

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