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TaylorMade Proposes 15 Inch holes! - Page 10

Poll Results: Would you be for a 15" cup as an option for golfers?

Poll expired: Apr 13, 2014  
  • 15% (7)
    Dedicated 15" cup courses. (Absolutely)
  • 22% (10)
    Alternate days. (Sometimes)
  • 20% (9)
    Maybe for April fools. (Rarely)
  • 40% (18)
    I'll play persimmons 'till the day I die. (Never)
44 Total Votes  
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Originally Posted by Golfingdad View Post

But I think your chalk idea wouldn't work for the same reason you don't like just putting twice and taking a 6.  You're not really getting a score and there is no "closure," if you will.  Hmm, did that last one graze the inside edge of the chalk, or the outside?  Would it have fallen if there were a cup there?  I don't know.



Well sure, but those are rules you'd have to establish with your partner/group at the outset. Does it count if its on the line or does it have to be fully inside? Also, unless you're playing for money, your score is really what your conscience says it is. If you're satisfied with it being on the line, take it. If not, putt again. I'm just trying to find a way to allow these variables for different levels of playing ability without tearing up the golf course or the need to create special golf courses. 

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I have insight on this because I have only recently taken a few lessons and started improving my game. Earlier this year I was scoring 150 for 18.
I can tell you from experience it was always a relief to get to the green. The green represented the area of the game where there was the least difference between me and my bogey golfer friends. The frustration that almost made me give up the game was the inability to get the ball in the air from either the tee or the fairway. Topping a iron shot 3feet is way more humiliating (espeasially the forth time on the same hole) than missing a 6 foot putt.

Also, the hacker foursomes that I have played with that are just out having fun tend to be more liberal than 15 inches with their gimmes.

I don't have the answer but in my opinion niether does the 15 inch hole.

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I would never play a course with non-regulation golf holes. 


I played an exec course once that had 2 pins on ever green with different color flags.   One was a big hole that I am not sure the diameter of.....and one regulation cup.   At least they gave players an option of which flag they played to. 

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