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Rocket Ballz Driver and 3 wood

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Getting back into golf after a 5-6 year lay off due to kids, etc. Previously shot 86-90, now pretty awful until I get back. Was looking to replace old driver and 3 wood. Taylor Made Rocket Ballz driver and 3 woods are $99.00/each and look like a great deal. Was looking at the HL version of each.

Need some opinions on the Rocket Ballz driver and 3 wood and HL vs standard lofts.


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I recently got a RBZ stage 2 3wood and so far I really like it. Most people will probably suggest test hitting the clubs if you can.
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Love Rocketballz stage 2 3 wood HL & 5 wood HL got mine off Ebay from twogrooveslow bought both for 140.00 demo clubs excellent shape. Love the clubs performs well hit my 5 wood off a uphill lie 175 out green was uphill stuck green and stayed.
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Also looking at the R1 driver and RBZ stage 2 tour 3 HL wood due to the adjustments. Anyone hitting them?

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Original RBZ fairway woods had a stock, superlight 45 gram shaft. I had a lot of trouble with hook misses, a problem I didn't have with my Callaway driver and irons. I dumped my RBZ items last May, and ended up going with another company.


Note: The original RBZ Tour FWs had stock shafts starting at 71 grams; if you have the clubhead speed, try out the Tours.


The RBZ Stage 2 has a stock 60 gram shaft, and I found it much more reliable in a demo day test. In the Stage 2, give the 3W/HL and 5W/HL a try. These have the lofts of 17* (a 4W) and 21* (a 7W), and a little extra loft really helps some golfers.

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I think the RBZ driver is better for me than the RBZ stage 2 driver.  I like the way it sets up and the XCON 5 stiff shaft is a little higher launch than the Stage 2 Rocketfuel for my swing.   I have the 10.5  loft bonded head.  I prefer a higher ball flight b/c I can cut off a dog leg left on my home course that turns it quickly into the second shot from 230 to about 165.  I play from the whites now mostly (50 yrs) and all I need off the tee is 250 max.  Sometimes that is too much actually. 


I have the stage 2 rbz 3 wood.  The Fujikura Rocketfuel shaft on that club is a beast.  I get a lower, more boring ball flight and hit it 225 240 with an easier swing when off the turf. 

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I got the Rocketballz Stage 2 3 Wood a few weeks back and have hit it very well.


My only concern is that the face is really scratched up.  Not scratched as in deep groves but just visible wear on the black face of the club.

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I've tried dozens of recent releases and the best for me was the RBZ Tour.  I think it is more forgiving than the standard RBZ and I like the deeper face.  9 degree, stock shaft, one notch closed (+).  Kind of spinny but it keeps me in the fairway.

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And the Rocketballz 3 wood is the best I have ever used.. Since im a clubjunkie I try new clubs and shafts all the time, but im not gonna get rid of my RB tour 3 wood, that and the black R1 driver :)
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