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Golf Grip

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Hi everyone.

New to the forum, and haved loved what I have been reading!
I get out and play once a week if I'm lucky but if not at least every fortnight.
I have been playing for years but have only recently taken an interest in trying to better my game.

This brings me to my first question: what golf grip?
I have always used the "baseball" grip and can hit my irons relatively straight with good distance. After watching other golfers and videos I believe I may not be using the "best grip"

Do I try and change to an interlocking grip? Or stay with what's comfortable.
I've searched the forum but I'm also looking for some more personal feedback.

Thanks in advance.

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Welcome to the forum @James14 .  The grip is an individual preference.  Most players use either the Vardon grip with the right hand pinkie overlapping the left index finger or the interlocking. I use the interlocking because it is most comfortable for me and I feel I get the most secure grip using it.  Both these grips will help your hands to connect better.  Neither one is the "best" as many majors have been won with both. It really depends on your hands.


I would recommend trying one or the other.  You will have the spend a few weeks getting used to it if you have been playing the baseball grip.  I will feel unnatural at first, but after 2 - 3 weeks, it will be better.

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Welcome to the forum, James.  There are people that use a 'baseball' grip successfully, but most use an overlapping or interlocking grip in order to assure that the hands are interacting in unison as they control the club.  If you are the book reading sort, I would heartily suggest Five Lessons by Ben Hogan.  The grip is discussed at length, as is the rest of the full swing.  There are lots of decent books on golf, but this one is a classic and doesn't beat around the bush too much.  There is discussion of the book here: http://thesandtrap.com/t/14250/five-lessons-the-modern-fundamentals-of-golf-by-ben-hogan


Good luck!

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I use reverse overlap for chipping and overlap for my pitch shots around the green. In the greenside bunkers i been finding that interlock helps hit fat and exact heaviness I need to get the ball close to the pin. For longer sand shots about 40 + away I been finding ten finger works well
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No such thing as the "best grip", I'm fairly certain that majors have been won with all three including the baseball grip.

Grip is completely individual and depends in many factors.

Personally, I use an overlap AKA Vardon grip for everything but putting where I switch to a reverse overlap.
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Thanks for all the replys guys.
Went down to the range today and had a go today with the overlap. It obviously felt weird but I did feel like my hands were connected to the club better.

I then played 18 holes at my local with my normal baseball grip and played some of my best golf. Frustrating trying to change something that I feel is working well, but worth it because I could improve even more.

Thanks again

Cheers James
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