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just moved to Battle Creek, Michigan

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hey , so i just moved to battle creek, michigan because of a job.. i've heard and seen there are plenty of golf courses around here since i drive a lot... but dont know of any of the names or places of any of them...


my friend adam told me Binder Golf Course is pretty nice... but idk  its still early and grass is still brown lol..     but just looking to set up a list of places to play...   basically anything up to a price range of 60$ per round, maybe even 75$ ...    


I do like a challenge too.. so the tougher the course the better... 

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Check out Gull Lake in nearby Augusta, MI.  Stonehenge North and South and also Yarrow Golf Club.  Great little golf Mecca and destination for golf trips.

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There are a lot of choices, most for less than the $60-$75 round - considering in 1/2 hour you can be in Kalamazoo or Jackson.


Here is something you really want to remember - the Oakland Hills that you might see near Battle Creek is not THE Oakland Hills, one is a very plain public course right on I-94, the other (Oakland Hills Country Club) is a very elite private course only about 2 hours away.

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I'll second the Gull Lake courses, I play them every year and they are very nice, along with Bedford Valley. The Grande in Jackson is a really nice course and not all that far from you. Plenty of good options anywhere in this state. This will help



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