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New wedges!

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I just ordered a set of Cleveland wedges. 47,51,& 60 degrees. Can't wait for them to come in, they are the old 588 R.T.G. GUN METAL black series. Thoughts?
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Did you not have a pw with your regular set?
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I do but the set I currently have are 2 degrees strong. Hopefully the gap created by that will be filled by these wedges.:-D

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So your current "PW" is 43˚?!  What's the motivation for the lofts?  I ask cause I also love having a 60˚, but with a 43˚ PW I'd be more tempted to do something like 48˚, 54˚, 60˚.  

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They were like that when they were given to me, I tend to hit the ball really high and these irons (Snake Eyes FMC-1) allow me to keep the ball flight under control.

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