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Wedges...What to buy ???

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With so many available, is it just look and feel?? Is Titleist  as superior as we are led to believe? Currently searching for new wedges...would appreciate your pros and cons...how bout the Cleveland RTX ?

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I always played Cleavland wedges, but I switched to Titleist Vokey SM 4's. My reason, I like the looks of the Vokey's and the feel of them compared to the others. It's pretty much a personal thing. Also there are a few threads re: wedges, you might do a search and see if you can't find more info. as there are many good wedges out there.

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I like the looks of the Ping Eye2 wedges with sharper toplines. 

It use to be that I didnt carry a SW or LW cause I didnt play in any courses with sand and would just open my GW to play shots that need SW.

Now I playing in really tough courses and learned to use the 60 wedge and prefer a 54 for wedge shots around the green.

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I went back to the Cleveland Tour Action REG. 588 Gun Metal wedges, I really like the quality that teh manufacturer put into these models. The playablilty and look sold me.

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Vokey's felt the best compared to all the other name brands I hit ar golfsmith. I think if I were to get a new wedge I'd go get fit for edel's. Everyone on this site has nothing but good things to say about them and I think its cool how you can customize the logo.
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I have always been partial to Cleveland.  I like my Vokey 60... but I much prefer to play my 56 Cleveland.  I had a gunmetal Tour Action Reg 588 and 2 years ago went to the new Rotex version, love it just as much. 

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I loved the older Cleveland like back in 2005-2007 but BV is far superior today.

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