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Nicest guy on tour?

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Spinoff from the 'jerk' thread. Who have you had personal experiences with? 


Padraig Harrington is one who comes to mind. (Almost) always smiling, acknowledges fans. Had a brief chat with him at Bay Hill and he was very pleasant. He has always struck me as a really good person. 

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I would think that Kutcher would have to be at or near the top of that list.

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I met Kenny Perry after playing his course in Kentucky.  He was very nice to me and generous with his time in having a chat.  And then I saw him hanging out with the regular folks who play his course and he seemed like just a regular guy.  Been a fan ever since.

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I haven't met any of the following but just based on what I've seen with interviews, fan interactions and demeanor on the course id have to go with the following:

Kevin Streelman, so humble and polite. Kuchar, Stricker and of course Arnie.
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Stricker, Fowler and Els always come across as good guys

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Based on David's experience and this video, I'm going with G-Mac. He's at 1 min and 40 secs in.

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We've worked on many golf courses in the NW (civil engineers), and at least two with Palmer Golf, and Arnie's been here a couple times. The guys who've been on site visits with him, and spent time with him, all say he's pretty amazing. I know some of it is awestruck however he's warm, generous and easy to talk with. Just like he seems on TV.

IMO, best role model for those that followed.

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I forgot about Rickie Fowler and Gmac as well.
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At the Par 3 in Augusta a few years back, Mike Weir stopped and talked to my son for a while. He really seemed like a nice fellow. Now on the Champions tour, I have to mention Kenny Perry since I live about 25 miles from his golf course in Kentucky. His father is always at the course and is a great guy. Kenny is also known as one of the nicest guys to ever be on tour. Of course, Steve Stricker is a beast, but I have never met him.

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I've heard good reports about Nick Price and Paul Goydos being among the nicest people you would ever meet.

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I hear Patrick Reed is one of the 5 nicest. Snare drum sound. Bad joke
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