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Nicest guy on tour?

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Spinoff from the 'jerk' thread. Who have you had personal experiences with? 


Padraig Harrington is one who comes to mind. (Almost) always smiling, acknowledges fans. Had a brief chat with him at Bay Hill and he was very pleasant. He has always struck me as a really good person. 

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I would think that Kutcher would have to be at or near the top of that list.

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I met Kenny Perry after playing his course in Kentucky.  He was very nice to me and generous with his time in having a chat.  And then I saw him hanging out with the regular folks who play his course and he seemed like just a regular guy.  Been a fan ever since.

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I haven't met any of the following but just based on what I've seen with interviews, fan interactions and demeanor on the course id have to go with the following:

Kevin Streelman, so humble and polite. Kuchar, Stricker and of course Arnie.
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Stricker, Fowler and Els always come across as good guys

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Based on David's experience and this video, I'm going with G-Mac. He's at 1 min and 40 secs in.

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We've worked on many golf courses in the NW (civil engineers), and at least two with Palmer Golf, and Arnie's been here a couple times. The guys who've been on site visits with him, and spent time with him, all say he's pretty amazing. I know some of it is awestruck however he's warm, generous and easy to talk with. Just like he seems on TV.

IMO, best role model for those that followed.

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I forgot about Rickie Fowler and Gmac as well.
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At the Par 3 in Augusta a few years back, Mike Weir stopped and talked to my son for a while. He really seemed like a nice fellow. Now on the Champions tour, I have to mention Kenny Perry since I live about 25 miles from his golf course in Kentucky. His father is always at the course and is a great guy. Kenny is also known as one of the nicest guys to ever be on tour. Of course, Steve Stricker is a beast, but I have never met him.

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I've heard good reports about Nick Price and Paul Goydos being among the nicest people you would ever meet.

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I hear Patrick Reed is one of the 5 nicest. Snare drum sound. Bad joke
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Jim Furyk seems to be a generally good guy. The way he's handled his failures have been nothing but class.
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Furyk, J.B. Holmes, Els, Fowler
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Rory Sabbatini

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Ben Crane. Just seems like a super nice guy. Not a big crowd around him after his St Jude win, but he was pretty funny and laid back in person it seems.
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I think they are all pretty nice when they are playing well. Everyone has their off days... both on the course and internally.

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Originally Posted by dtambo View Post

Ben Crane. Just seems like a super nice guy. Not a big crowd around him after his St Jude win, but he was pretty funny and laid back in person it seems.


This! The way he interacts with fans is great. He says he wants people to know that professional golfers are approachable. Did you see him give his phone number to a young fan last week? 

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This doesn't necessarily mean he's the nicest, but I thought it was a great thread to add this in. Rory donated $1.6 million to open a care center for children with cancer. 



oh and this



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