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New golfer from Van isl

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Hey everyone, my name is Matt. 


I noticed someone else also from van isl just signed up, that doesnt happen too often!


I just started golf, ive only been golfing four times, three of which were 10 years ago. I was invited to play with a family friend and i had a great time and decided to do it more often. There are about 15 golf courses within 25 minutes drive of me, so I decided to go ahead and get a set of clubs on the cheap and I think ive done pretty well for myself :P I was hoping to get opinions on my club choices, and to see if I am missing anything important. 


My land lords (people ive known since i was 6) are avid golfers, he had quite a few clubs he wasnt using and gave to me. Three of them are drivers, I get to choose! I want help deciding on what driver to pick, opinions anyway. Ill be going to the driving range on Sunday to see what feels good. A nike SQ 5900 sumo 2, a big bertha II driver, and a nickent 4dx.


So what ever driver, he also gave me nickent genex 3dx ironwood #3 and #6, I assume these are what are called hybrid clubs? Big bertha 3 wood, and an alien sand wedge. To fill out the set I went to a local golf shop and bought a used set of Mizuno mp-52 irons 4-p and a Taylor made Rossa putter. That and a few other odds and ends was 250 bucks, the irons while a few years old are in beautiful shape with not much use at all. Im a little worried I bought too much club for a beginner based on the reviews I read though. It seems like a really good set of irons though?

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