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My Swing (swilllx2p)

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I've been Playing Golf for:​  2 Years, Used to play in school..


My current handicap index or average score is: 20


My typical ball flight is:  High Fade

The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is:  Push Fade , Somtimes Push Full Slice



Someone please take a look and help me, I'm not pushing balls at least not much with my irons...this is honestly killing my love for this game.  I apologize for my boxers showing a bit on my follow through.  You can clearly see the orange ball I'm hitting start way right of my target.  I just need to know what is causing it and maybe some drills to try to correct it.  I want to fix this and i'm willing to work hard at doing so.







Also If needed Just let me know and i'll upload more videos from different angles are whatever is needed, I tried to get this one in slo mo but i'm not sure it worked.

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Welcome to the site. I am relatively new here too (and to the game), and am not good at recognizing priority pieces and cannot specifically say what is causing push hits. That said, I can offer what I see for what it is worth. 


It appears that you are all arms on the back swing with little shoulder rotation. Try rotating your upper torso more, and keeping your arms in front of you. Along the same lines, your back swing looks a little flat to me. Rotate your left should down more to increase that angle a little. The clubhead also appears to go inside quickly. I think the torso rotation and steeper shoulder turn will help with this. 


I think there may be a few set-up things to address - less knee bend, chin and eyes down, but the set-up is something I am working on too, so I will not say anymore as I do not have that down. 


Again, take that for what it is worth. Sorry I do not have much time to grab screen shots right now, but some more seasoned guys and the pros will come along eventually and offer more - possibly even say ignore what I said ;) which is more than fine. Just trying to learn along with everyone else. 

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Thank you, I very much appreciate you taking a look and the advice you gave.  I can see what your saying for sure, I'm going to give rotating my shoulders more on the backswing a shot.  I would be very interested to see what others have to say on my swing as well!


I kind of felt before like my hands are way out in front of the club head and thats what was causing the push?  Is that possible as well?  Will the shoulders turning more help this?

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Couple things.


- Lessen the knee flex at address and "soften" the upper back. Back is too straight, let it slump a bit.

- Flare both feet out at address, will allow the right knee to decrease in flex on the backswing so the right hip can continually "stretch" on the backswing.


Couple videos that will add a visual to what I just said.




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