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Played horrible yesterday. ZERO fairways hit out of 13. 7 greens in regulations.5 par 3s all parred.

Hard to believe I got 2 lessons in Driving in the last 3 weeks.

I know if I keep practicing it will all come around.

Shot an 86 ,15 over, with 2 double bogies 1 quadruple bogie 8 pars

my 2nd shots were not bad ,made some nice recovery shots with my long irons .

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I'm not a good player by any stretch but your ball striking seems to be impressive.     I spent the last two years just working on getting off of the tee and the biggest advise I got from two different instructors was to work on tempo.   The swing is a waltz.   One - and  - two, where the -and- is a slight pause at the top to allow the rest of my swing to catch up.  


I played this weekend and hit and 8/14 on Saturday and 9/13 on Sunday (first time out this year). 



I'll trade you the ball striking for the driving.   I had only 8 GIR for both rounds.  I have work to do.



Hope you get some good swing thoughts.   Good luck.

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Thanks .I,ll take that on board and let you know how I do over weekend.

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