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Yeah the reason I posted what I did. 


Quick note, tour players hit it high, I think most golfers would be surprised how high they actually do hit it. They tend to "flight" their short irons wedges but can easily launch their long irons. Like I said earlier, the amateur that hits it high tends to add loft dynamically, the shaft lines in with the lead arm before impact.

Odd that you posted the above.


Tonight at the range, I was working on key 3, actually trying to create a bowed wrist. I hit about 12-15 balls, and noticed when I hit with a bowed wrist, I hit more than a few a wee bit thin.


In the past, I did the bowed wrist a lot with my wedges, and depending on my ball position I could hit them high, or lower, and still retain roughly the same distance.


so tonight, I worked on key's 1 as always, and 2 and 3, was a decent session, not as good as Monday though.

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Thanks for all the replies guys!
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What does it mean when tour players "flight" their wedges? Are they hitting 4 irons high but wedges low?
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Originally Posted by rscott8 View Post

What does it mean when tour players "flight" their wedges? Are they hitting 4 irons high but wedges low?

If you're "flighting" a wedge shot, it usually means that you are hitting the shot lower than usual in order to keep it more out of the way of the wind. Otherwise PGA Tour players hit all their clubs about the same distance into the air, with a handy visual aid available on this thread: http://thesandtrap.com/t/65859/ball-max-height


"Flighting" down a shot isn't necessarily specific to wedges either, but it's more common to just call it a punch shot or a knockdown shot with longer clubs from my experience. It's kind of just a fancy way of saying that you made a specific effort to hit the ball at a different height than you normally would.

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Thanks for the info, followed the link to another thread and learned more.
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