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Player Irons or nah?

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Some Background:


I have been playing golf since I was 5 and I am now 18. My handicap has been as low as a 6, but due to some complications, I stopped playing for a year. I am not scoring as well, obviously, but that is mostly due to my issues off the tee, and my putting and short game. My iron game has been good to great; my mishits seem to be coming off of alignment issues, not swing issues. In my prime, my scores ranged from the mid 70s to the lower to mid 80s on a good day, and on a bad day, my scores ranged from the high 80s to the low 90s. I am becoming more consistent as I grow older and my swing matures. I expect to be back to those same scores again as I keep playing.


I am looking to buy forged-player irons because I desire a lower trajectory and an increased ability to work the ball. I also detest the offset of non-player irons, and think it is easier to control my swing without a club with offset. Obviously, I am not perfect and do hit balls a tad off the sweet-spot (I am not talking shanks). My most prevalent mishit seems to be a slight thin shot. I worry that player clubs will not offer me enough forgiveness. I can afford to lose some, but how unforgiving (or forgiving) are modern player clubs? I am talking clubs like Mizuno's MP-59 or 54s or Cobra's blade flow set. If I hit one slightly thin or a tad on the toe, will I be penalized much worse than if I hit the same shot with a middle of the road game-improvement iron? I am currently using Titleist Ap1s from 2011.


Some spec's:


I use custom fit Titleist AP1s with an "stiff" S300 steel shaft. 

My swing nears 105 mph.

A good hit with driver produces a shot that ranges from 260-275 yards.

My 150 club is a 7 iron.

I play a fade ordinarily with a slightly open stance and club face.


In short: Am I ready to upgrade to a player iron? Any suggestions as to which irons or brands I should be looking at? Of course, I am going to get the clubs I order custom fit. 

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With your handicap and ball striking you won't have any issues with more of a "players" iron.

If you like your AP-1's, the first place I'd look would be AP-2's. The 714's have just been released. I expect that 712's will be available at a discount before too long.

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Interesting to see what you think and find out about trying different clubs. I fall almost exactly into your same numbers except I'm a little longer (150 smooth 8iron)
I tried some mizzys and loved them but didn't get to try titleist ping or cobras. Love to hear what you thonk
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Originally Posted by nebneb5813 View Post



In short: Am I ready to upgrade to a player iron? Any suggestions as to which irons or brands I should be looking at? Of course, I am going to get the clubs I order custom fit. 


Go to a store or demo day and figure what you like best. Tour players that play a variety of iron designs, blades, cavity backs, game improvement. So don't get too caught up in the idea that you "have to" play a players iron.

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For some reason I hit the TM cb's with XP regular shafts better than any other model out right now. Granted off mats indoors on a suspect launch monitor but the contact always feels good. More than likely it it the shaft. Just found it odd I can hit them so well. Damn golf and club testing is confusing.
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Look at the new Callaway Apex Pros. I went and demo'd them at Golf Galaxy, and they are amazing. I ended up getting the regular Apex non pros, because I needed the forgiveness due to my non perfect swing.


Callaway did a great job on these, I think they are better then my AP2 712s.

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I couldn't agree more with the idea that you ignore the idea of a "players iron."


My specs are very similar to your, outside of my 8 being my 150 club, and I was looking to buy a new set of irons this winter. I visited my local PGA Superstore and I demoed the Titleist AP1 and AP2 714's, Mizuno JPX - 825 and JPX - EZ Forged and the Callaway Apex. After multiple visits and a quality fitting experience, I walked out with a new set of the Apex's. They were the best club I hit and truly outperformed the other irons I testedt during my search.

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Yeah, I get what you are saying. What ever club works is the club for me. The one reason I said players club was to refer to a club with minimal to no offset. I can't stand offset and I can't swing a club that I think is ugly or clunky. Most irons outside of "players club" do not fit the mold of what I am looking for. I just worry if I have the ability to play those types of clubs well. But yeah, thanks for your insight. Be open minded is important. 

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I literally went in with the same mindset. I wanted a nice sleek top line and nothing that was to clunky. Even though the top line on the Apex was slightly larger for what I was looking for, at address the club looked so inviting and it just breathes confidence.


Good luck with the search!

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i used to play  ping I-20s  then went in and tried out some irons at a pga store  really liked the way titleist looked 


so i tried out the 714 ap1  did not feel a connection , tried  ap2   same ,  the CBs  just felt great so i ordered a set  and it has been 3


months now and still feel great , and by the way the I-20s are great also

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vision talked about the i20 irons. Consider trying the new i25 irons.


Even though I'm not a good golfer, I was able to hit the i25 irons OK... the ball just didn't go very far. (I got an extra 10-12 yards with the G25.)


Someone with your clubhead speed and the right shaft might really like the smaller, compact head of the i25.

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