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Hooking my irons?

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I finally beat my slicing problem and started hitting my driver nice and straight. Now that it is straight with a slight draw, I hook my irons terribly. But not a pull hook, it's more just a very big draw. I start it at the right side of the green, and it will hook over to the other side and then land left of the green. I however have good contact and the distance is still pretty accurate. Sometimes I can hit the green, but it would be much either if I could straighten it out, mainly because it's hard to get the ball to stop when it lands with draw spin. And tips?
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Hi welcome to the site.


You might be staying closed too long with the body. Would recommend posting a swing here





Also check this out



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Thanks a lot for your help. I took a video of my swing and is beleive it is because I come too far from the inside. I have a push path and then I snap my hands to compensate. I normally don't have this problem because I have always been too upright. Here's a link to my swing. What do you think? The first swing is the one that I have been having issues with and the second one is one from 1 month ago. And trust me I know my first swing is bad, I've been having issues.
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Posted in your swing thread.

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I think it's your position at the top, too flat, and your postures at impact.

It was for me, anyway.

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Originally Posted by BallMarker View Post

I think it's your position at the top, too flat, and your postures at impact.

It was for me, anyway.


This is too flat?


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Nah, he just comes way too far from the inside. One his wrist is bowed at the top, similar to Dustin Johnson. Then he really pushes that feeling in the downswing forcing that clubhead way inside. 


Hands, and the clubhead is way low and way inside. 



At impact his arms are extended a ton, and a good ways away from his body. He's got great motion, and a good swing, he just gets way too inside, and pushed the path way to the right. I am shocked he hasn't complained about shanking the ball, but he does keep his body away from his arms, so that might help him there. 

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