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progress at last

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Hi all, got to share this with you, have always been a very good driver of the ball which has made the game far easier, however my main weakness has always been my iron play, far too many fat shots the main culprit, having seen my swing I knew the culprit poor weight transfer on the downswing leading to a flip release, fine off the tee all sorts of problems off the deck, browsing online found a simple tip from Michael breed which I gave a go, the tip was place a ball forward off the left foot, and try to hit the ball in this position, unbelievable difference in the feel of the swing, you HAVE to allow the weight to flow forwards to hit the ball, I am a feel player so when I began to hit normal shots with the ball in its proper position I found it quite easy to replicate the feel of flow in the downswing the quality of ball striking was remarkable a full bucket of balls maybe 7 out of 80 hit fat and only just at that, not big ugly chunks.I simply visualise the ball well forward and this makes the forward motion so much smoother.My spine angle in the follow through is now far better, no reverse c anymore.Obviously the body has to rotate through the shot as well.Good examples of what I am talking about id say would be dufner and stenson an easy flow FORWARD through the ball.The sensation I feel is low through impact it has to be to reach the imaginary ball.Long post but for me its the biggest breakthrough ive made in the last 10 years and believe you me ive tried.Hope this helps, I know it will.

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Glad you are making progress!

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