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Best colleges for golf nuts

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Are there any colleges out there that have a reputation for being in a great golfing area? I've heard C of C, for one. Lots of courses close to campus.

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I went to the University of San Francisco, some pretty good golf in that area ;-)


Obviously lots of good golf all year around in Arizona, Texas, Florida, South Carolina.

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Do yourself a favor and don't choose a school based on golf. Go to the best school you can, get out and make lots of money and that way you can play good courses for the rest of your life :-D


Also, with as many other 'distractions' as there are in college, you may not play nearly as oftern as you might think now. I lived for golf in high school and played every day...I think I played golf maybe 5 or 6 times over my four years in college. And it wasn't because of a lack of good courses around.

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The Ohio State University has arguably the finest golf collegiate golf course in the nation.....The Scarlet!   The Gray course is nice too, but the Scarlet is special.  Students can play these courses for next to nothing.......  Columbus Ohio has many excellent courses although not the best weather in the winter....Brrrrr...


The Scarlet is a classic course built in the '30s by Alister MacKenzie.  It plays to a par of 71........ 7,455yds 76.2cr 142slope.  It's a stout test from the "Buckeye" tees!


If that is a little too much golf course for you, you can move forward and play the "black" tees..... 7,115yds 74.3CR 138slope.

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