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I assume most on this forum are serious and better than average golfers. (At least they are on the internet a2_wink.gif )

Speaking as someone that is new to the game, hitting every ball as it lies, marking down every stroke, etc. etc. can be so frustrating it is demoralizing.

So those saying you have to hit hard shots to learn to hit them are right. After a point. First you have to be able to hit a shot period. I don't know that hacking at a bunch of balls a foot above or below your feet in 2 inches or more of grass is really going to help. Or trying to thread a needle. Sometimes a mulligan or a foot wedge will help improve your game. There is a limit to what you can do without getting discouraged.

But then my handicap, if I had one, would be higher than my oldest son's age, so what do I know.

You and I are the same page ... Need to learn how to hit a ball first ... I call it the tee ball stage ...