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Looking for new clubs... Walmart ones are falling apart.

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Hello all, 
Last time I posted here, I was interested in a set of pinemeadow clubs... I purchased a lob wedge from them, and it was very nice. But, I have since changed my mind after crunching some numbers... 


I am a beginner, and I've played a few rounds of golf with my old set (ticat cougar something or other), and they are beginning to fall apart. The driver head is cracked, and the irons don't look as if they were epoxyed well to the shafts. 


I went to a store by my home and found a set of adams iron/hybrid set 12os and v4 for 299 and 399 respectively. The reason I bring those up is that I feel as though my most solid and clean hits are on my 4/5 hybrid in my bag. Are these worth it? or is there something better?


Also, because my driver is ruined, is there another moderately priced driver I can purchase? I was recommended a topflite aero by the golf pro at Dick's.... 


Basically I am looking for a set to continue learning on and that I won't feel that I've out grown... but on a semi limited budget....



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I would say definitely a used set of clubs as a beginner, then upgrade as you get better, just like it seems you are doing now.


Between the OS and V4, I'd say V4, just because you are probably going to get better quicker and the OSs are super game improvement and you will probably outperform them with any significant improvement.  You may hit them better, but realistically you can probably do well with the V4s.


For a driver, I'd go used as well, maybe stick with something with a 10-10.5 degree loft.  Again, as you get better you can updgrade, maybe get specifically fitted as your swing evolves.


Just some suggestions.  

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I don't know where you live but around me there are multiple golf shops that have used inventory in their retail stores-- and then there is even an awesome used club outlet (they only buy and sell used clubs/extra inventory from all over the country). If you can find a place like that, just go there and set yourself up with some stuff in your budget. If the club fits your eye, that's about all you have to go off of as a beginner IMO.

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You can shop online at http://www.globalgolf.com/golf-clubs/driver/ and get an idea of relative used prices, then come back to this site and run a search on that brand and model to get an idea of what people think of it, then apply/adjust the reviews to suit you. A quick search found several decent drivers for under $50 and some under $25. There are other options as well, several golf stores and driving ranges sell used clubs in my area.
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