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Originally Posted by RandallT View Post

Lol, sounds like you woulda waited around quite a while and I bet Sadena would've been tough to snag for a pic with the excitement of her day. -9 to win. Wow.

Hope Laura was a good houseguest and I'll cheer her on in future tourneys.

Yeah, I thought about going back but figured that it'd be hard to talk with her.

Laura was a great houseguest. Very nice, thoughtful, and considerate. Each day she played she would ask me multiple times if she could get me a water or soda during her round and she invited me to lunch today after her round which I declined because I thought I was going to play golf, haha.

The tour goes from here to Syracuse and then NH. We made tentative plans to meet up and play a round together when she drives to NH so I guess at the very least she felt I was a good host.

An overall awesome experience and I'm glad my girlfriend was cool with it since she has been out of town for work since the morning Laura got here.
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Originally Posted by RandallT View Post

Looks like they're playing now. Sadena parks at -5 today, -10 overall for 3rd place. She had a 2nd place last tourney. Great to see!!

We followed Sadena through the front nine. She got off to a great start with a birdie on #1 and #2 then drove it into the left hand green side bunker of the drivable par4 5th hole and nearly made eagle with a excellent bunker shot to about a foot. Her putting was very solid as she drained birdies on #6 and #7 from around the 15-18 foot range to get to -5 on the day. She made a bit of a mess on the easy par 5 8th making par but it turns out she didn't need birdie there, lol!


Sadena pared #9 then we dropped back to watch Emily Talley. I gotta say BB does not do these girls justice in so many ways. Not just that their swings look so much more refined(perhaps some swing improvements since their BB shows) but every BB there seems to be discussions started on how short these girls hit it. I've played this course enough to know yardages and Emily was popping it out there in the 270 yard range throughout the back nine. Following Sedena on the front she was also driving it(w/ driver) in the 260-270 range and she wasn't even the longest hitter in her group. A very tall Canadian girl named Leblanc was consistently longer than Sedena. Anyone who has the misconception that these girls can't move the ball out there needs to go watch and be educated.


Overall a tough day weather wise with stops and starts but great fun watching these girls play and Sadena tear up the front nine. On the second delay we packed it in and it was no surprise to see nobody caught Sadena as she had already finished in the clubhouse with only a couple players within her reach. Congrats to Sadena on a fantastic 62 and the win!

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Sadena wins again!!!! Looks like she beat Jackie in a playoff. Wow


Looks like both are shaping up nicely to make the LPGA due to earnings on Symetra. Hoping to see them finish season strong!
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She says she is excited but she sounds subdued! She has won two straight tourneys. Can she win 3 a la Rory?

Sadena birdied 18 to force a playoff. Sadena and Jackie both birdied the first sudden death playoff hole. Then Jackie bogeyed whie Sadena parred. Sadena said it was tough to play and beat her friend. I think they both may be a lock to get to the LPGA. 4 events left for them. Mallory looking good too but needs to keep it up. Emily Talley is outside looking in.
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Jackie, Sadena, and Mallory will play in the LPGA next year. Congrats to them!!!

Jackie was solid all year, consistently playing well in all conditions and all courses. In the final round of the final tournament she shot -8 to zoom from middle of the pack to tie the lead, only to lose in a playoff. She never won all year, but she ended 3rd on the money list.

Sadena won 2 events, and mostly played poorly to her standards other than that. But winning is so big that she could've coasted on just those two weeks. Man, if she ever gets consistency, watch out.

Mallory won an event, but struggled most other weeks. She snuck in at #10 by only a thousand or so dollars. Was close to the end and I'm sure she sweated it out. Here's a write-up:

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Originally Posted by RandallT View Post

T6! (With 20+ others :)

How's the course setup compared to the typical "white" tees at public courses that we play? Similar length? Difficulty? Green speeds? I've always imagined Synetra being approximately the same as we play as men's bogey golfers but I could be way off.



Originally Posted by RFKFREAK View Post

Some off the holes they're playing off the whites but for the most part, they're playing from the championship tees.

Greens are a bit hard and slightly faster. Course is in great condition except for a few minor spots under repair on a few holes.


I went out on Friday last year in Albany and only saw them playing from the blues, but I didn't follow a group for the whole course. Blue yardage is about 6330 yards (500 yards more than whites) I got to putt on the practice green early in the week when some players showed up early and they grass was definitely mowed tighter and were rolling much faster and truer than regularly. I liked the faster green speed. The prior year, the rough was way up the week before the tournament too.

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