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Tommie Copper Compression Shirt

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Saw an old thread, but it was for ankle sleeves, so I started this one.


So, has anyone tried their compression shirts, either sleeved or sleeveless.?  I'm thinking about getting a short sleeved t-shirt to see if it would help with my lower back getting sore.

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I have used them for other sports (cycling), but for golf I don't like the feel.  I have used it once or twice on the course, but it felt restrictive.

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Haven't used the TC but I wear compression underwear/undershirts every day. Started a couple of years ago when I had back issues. Not sure if it is snake oil but after two years I feel strange without it. I buy these funky shirts from ebay that are marketed as slimming shirts. I don't buy them for that reason just because they are super tight through the waist, feels good on my lower back. But getting the damn things on is a workout. They stretch but when not on about the size of a baby shirt.

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Haven't tried TC shirt, but have used TC elbow braces… They are very light compression (as advertised), so if you are looking for  something with more compression/support you should be careful when looking at their sizing chart (maybe order a size smaller?) or look at a different brand (perhaps UnderArmour) for more True Compression feel if that is what you are seeking (of course they would;t have the copper fibers).   Good Luck

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