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New from Belgium

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Hi everybody.

I'm Olivier, an avid golfer from Belgium. 34 and playing for 2 years now, although I've struggled the first 18 months. Currently at hcp 31.5 but this season should see a massive drop in strokes. People at our CC predicted I'd be at 15 by the end of summer.

I'm shooting anywhere from low 80's to mid 90's, struggling with consistency from time to time...

I'm sure I'll find tons of useful and entertaining stuff on TST...and I'll try to fit right in a2_wink.gif

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Welcome to the site @olvrvrmr .  It is fun having players from different countries to talk golf with on this site.

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Welcome!  If you have any questions about using the site, check out our "Using the Site" section, and Little Things New Users can learn.



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Welcome Olivier! :beer:

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