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Place a tee in the end of the grip, leave an inch or so exposed. Go ahead and address the ball with your normal grip. Take the club back in slow motion and begin your wrist action so that the tee points at the ball as you approach waist height. At that moment you will see and feel the wrist movement as natural as can be, and when combined with the arms continue on to the end of the backswing.


Now begin your forward swing, at which time you will begin to feel as if you are returning the hands to the starting position right about the time you would make contact with the ball...then as you proceed forward in the swing roll your hands so that the tee once again points at the ball when you reach waist height. It's the reverse of the backswing, plain and simple.


You'll find out very quickly that the proper wrist rotation will add speed and flexibiltiy to your swing. The hands are the only part of your body touching the club and have to be relaxed and pliable.


Go hit balls....slowly..... to learn the above movement. However, breaking 100 will occur faster if you spend 2X of your range time chipping and putting.


Have at it!

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I'm on the verge of breaking 100 but am expecting a son to be born very soon (psyched!!!) However, I realize that in the short term I probably won't be playing at all. Going into every round trying to break 100 before becoming a father is probably the worst type of pressure to have and totally detrimental. My last round I shot a 49 on the front, parred 10 then my wife prank texted me that she was going into labor (not funny). Wheels came off after that and I shot a 59 on the back. That being said, Sunday's round at Van Cortlandt Park will probably be my last chance to break 100 for awhile. Wish me luck!

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Good luck and congrats!

I wouldn't go out thinking or trying to break 100. Go out and shoot your best and let the score fall where it may. Focus on shots and targets.
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Congrats PJCDude!
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101 today...arrrg
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Originally Posted by PJCdude View Post

101 today...arrrg
Ohh man, you are almost there!
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