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Toe hits

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Hi all,

I'm hitting quite alot if my iron shots off the toe. Could you suggest some things that it could be that I need to check for to help me resolve this and get more solid powerful shots.

Im pretty sure its not lie angle, had them checked today.

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Hi welcome to the site.


Toe hits are generally due to swinging too far INward (out to in). Add this feel/drill to your practice to help swing the club more OUTward.


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I had the same problem for a bit. I ended up narrowing my stance and standing straighter and taller which fixed the problem.  -- and kept lower half very quiet


I think I just improved my swing overall, but maybe this will help with your toe hits too.

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Coming up out of your posture (early extension etc.) can cause you to hit it off the toe. You must maintain you inclination to the ground through impact. Make sure you are getting your weight left and keeping your head steady behind the ball though impact.

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Hi Everyone,

Many thanks for your replies, suggestions and drills. I'll give them all a check and a try the next time I am out practising

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Clubs too short for you?


Grip tightening before impact?


Pulling arms into body around the impact area?

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