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My Swing (Dynastar087)

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I've been Playing Golf for:​ 20 years

My current handicap index or average score is: 10

My typical ball flight is: Slight Draw

The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Need more consistency (thin would be most common miss)


Hello!  I have recently begun reworking my swing and have made a lot of progress through watching video of my swing.  I still have quite a few things that I think need to be altered, but I thought I would get other peoples' opinion to make sure that I am making the correct adjustments.  I'll just start with a few comments on what I would to see different in the videos below.


1. Stance too wide

2. Cock/Load wrists more at top of backswing

3. Initiate downswing with body before hands/arms, allowing me to keep loaded wrists longer and achieve more club lag.  

4. Keep head still throughout swing instead of swaying

5. More hip/chest turn at contact

6. Hopefully more hip/chest turn at contact, less swaying, and more club lag will eliminate the awkward body/arm positioning on my follow through.

7. Much less urgent than the other issues to me, but in the down the line view, I think my swing plane may be a little too flat?  


If you could, please let me know if you agree with the points above, and if you don't, then please let me know what you see differently (either something else I should change, or if you think one of those points would be unnecessary). 






Thanks a ton!


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Well if you want to shorten your stance, and make it more effective, just turn your heels in so your feet is pointing 30 degrees out. This way you can keep the same routine. :-D


Flared feet help with keeping a centered pivot and help promote a good hip turn. 


In the top video I notice you get the classic lateral move going. your hips don't open up, and you end up shifting to the right to finish your backswing. This makes it very hard to get your weight forward at impact. Your backwing looks pretty solid, you just need to get a better foundation for contact. 


This video will explain why you need to rotate your hips earlier in the backswing.



This is a good drill to get the feel for a centered pivot. Also its a great drill to help feel where the club should be at the top of the backswing. 



This one will help with the centered pivot as well as get your weight forward at impact to help promote better contact. 



So I would work on getting that center pivot first, keeping your head steady. This will help with the drill on getting your weight forward at impact. 

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Please ignore the mess in the background, as well as the blurriness during the faster swing motion.  Apparently with less light in the garage it doesn't capture quite as crisply.


I still think I need to keep my wrists hinged longer in the backswing, but I think some progress was made on getting rid of sway and working towards a centered pivot.  


I guess I would ask where to go now?  I may try to get a DTL view in a bit, but it is tough in the garage right now with limited space.  

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Video says it's unavailable. Maybe you don't allow it to be embedded on other sites or something?

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Lets try this 


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Keeps saying video has been removed by the user

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The last 5% wasn't processed apparently.  I took it down and am uploading another.  I tried to edit w/ slowmotion as well this time, and I think it isn't agreeing with Youtube.  Video to come soon.

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Just double checking - is that link working for you all now?
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