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In the past when I play as a single, I've been paired up with 2 other guys... two of us played from the men's tees. One played from the blue tees. He'd tee off and we'd all walk up to the white tees where me and the other guy would tee off... then I'd walk up to my tee shot (assuming I could find it) and hit it again.


Never caught any guff from anyone for playing tees that are appropriate for me. Heck, considering my drives don't go more than 180 yards, I might play from the red tees...


Play what you're comfortable playing.

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man up !!!!!
Go enjoy it don't stress bet they will be really nice guys and you'll have a great time
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Life is short


Play hard

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If you pass up this opportunity, you may never forgive yourself. I am fortunate enough to play Oakland Hills every year, and it's a totally different feeling. It's like walking on hallowed ground. No matter what you shoot or how the others feel about it, don't pass up the opportunity. Definitely listen to the caddie, and don't try anything heroic. Otherwise, relax and enjoy the day.

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I don't know. I would think it wouldn't be fun to struggle all day for the sake of something like that. I played TPC sawgrass and Firestone North, and both times I played around 6700 yards. My dad played about 6100-6200 yards. We both had a blast. It didn't bother him a bit to move up. When I play courses like that I want to challenge myself with out making it impossible. My dad CAN NOT play from that far back. He understood it all. 99% of the time, I play up to match what everyone else place. Other times, I'll play longer. 


Do what makes you feel comfortable. If it bothers you that much, then play back. If not then I rather play a round that would be enjoyable than a total struggle. 

I agree 100% with that and to be honest as a better player that normally plays farther back there is nothing more frustrating for me than playing with a higher handicap that "feels" like they have to come back a tee box or two then they struggle all day long and it can effect the entire groups enjoyment.


I would just be honest with your friend and the other two right up front and tell them that your just not comfortable playing back there at your handicap. If these guys are as good as you say they will likely be thinking "Thank God he's moving up a tee box or two"! The last thing a good player wants is someone teeing off with them and struggling all day when all they had to do was move up and everyone gets to enjoy the day!


Either way, have fun playing Oak Hill and if the caddy is helpful, let him do all the "hard thinking" and course strategy for you! He will know the course well so don't be afraid to lean on him for advice!

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Being a poor golfer myself and playing with a lot of single digit handicaps I have found that the best way to play with a group that is much better than you is to tee off on the same tee box as them. But pick up your ball at double bogey. This will keep you at the same pace as them and they seem to appreciate it but it also doesn't remove you from the group or make them wait on you a lot. Just my experience
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Well, I'm heading there next week to play.  We are playing the whites, which is still no easy feat on that track.  Probably going to get destroyed, by the course, not the competition. Turns out that my dad is now going to be our 4th, so that will be an awesome memory.  Wish me luck!!

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Good luck and have fun!


I am envious.

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Simply put, if you let your pride stand in the way of playing a free round with your buddies at Oak Hill, that is far more shameful then hitting from some forward tees or hacking it around from the back tees.



You made the right decision.

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Brings up a question, also. What do I tip a caddie at Oak Hill?  I mean, I have no idea at all what amount we're talking about?

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Just because you aren't as good it doesn't really matter.   Most golfers only care about their own scores.

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Let the caddie decide for ya! Tell him ya hc and let him make the decision for ya! Personally I'd play where everyone else is, but it's no biggie to drive to the next tee!
Man up dude and grow a pair! Your playing oak hills! You'll talk about how bad you played for years!
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Originally Posted by WUTiger View Post


If you get an experienced caddie, enjoy it. A good caddie can save you 3 to 5 strokes a round on a new course.


Also, play the middle tees. You'll enjoy it more.


Yea a caddie will be a huge help to you. Listen to the advice from caddie and ask good questions.  It  will really help your game. Do not for get to tip well...

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Tell him there's a dollar in it for every stroke under par! 😜
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What's a general rule of tipping?
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Ask the cadie master or pro shop. They deal with guests all the time, so don't feel awkward. Or call ahead and ask so you can be prepared.
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Always play the appropriate tees for your game.    That's why they are there!!!    Where your playing partners play from is irrelevant!! 


True story....

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Originally Posted by albatross View Post

What's a general rule of tipping?


I've played several nice private clubs with walking caddies.  You'll probably have 3 caddies for a foursome.  Tip should probably be in the $200-300 range for the group.  Think about it in a per bag and per caddy way.  $100 is a great tip for a caddy carrying two bags, and I'd say $50 is the low end for a caddy carrying a single bag.


But @imsys0042 is right--you can ask someone at the club, or just ask your buddy who's inviting you there.

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