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European Tour

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I am in my late 40s and just started playing golf last summer. As bad as I am and as frustrating as it is, I am enjoying it.


I have also started watching a lot of golf. With nothing to do this afternoon, I am watching the coverage of the Laguna National in South Korea.


Am I missing something or do they not have spectators? There is no one there and it looks like it isn't even set up for spectators. Looks like just a group of guys out playing at the local course.


What am I missing?

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County Cricket...

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Originally Posted by ScouseJohnny View Post

County Cricket...


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It's an English joke Glock, which given the posters name would indicate it originates in Liverpool


As replies go, it's quite neat though as it works at two levels (made me smile anyway)


County Cricket has a reputation for attracting particularly low attendances (hence the comparison) but by asking what you're missing, the poster is also suggesting the game of cricket (with a hint of sarcasm).


Ironically, on a global scale, cricket is one of the world's most popular sports!!! Although this is entirely due to the fact that India, with a population of close to 1Bn people is in love with the game as their national sport. India only has one sport really, so crazy as it might seem to you, cricket is more popular than the indigenuous American sports like football or baseball. As they get greater internet access, the figures for engagement will rise further

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So  this mean nobody gives a crap about golf in Korea?

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If you're happy that there were no paying spectators you could draw that conclusion at prima facie, but clearly the womens game is particularly healthy. There might be other reasons why their were no spectators of course concerning pricing, accessibility, local issues? I don't know. It's always possible that the game is played rather than watched too

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