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I currently hit a g2 stiff ping driver that I like very much and a kzg 4 wood instead of a 3 wood I took the 3 wood out of my bag.i hit the 4 wood about 218 average.I also have a 21 degree callawa yrazor x hl  hybrid. l would like to add another hybrid.Im having some difficulty with my hybrid because I think I press to much .looking to replace or add another club from 200 yards.it needs to be easy to hit like 8/10 times for me to spend the money.




                                    THANKS   CALVIN





PS Would i be better to keep my hybrid and add a 23/25 degree to my bag and just practice more hitting my hybrid off the ground .Ithink with my hybrid im going to try moving the ball back a little in my stance to give me more of a descending hit.

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I have a 23* Callaway X 2 Hot hybrid and its the best one I've ever hit. I tried every hybrid golfsmith had and that one felt the best. It has very little offset not to big of a head and is very easy to hit. I liked the 23 so much I went and got a 19.
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Echo the suggestion.  I hit 5 or 6 hybrid and bought an X Hot 19* 3 Hybrid.  Love the club.  Dependable off the tee, cuts through rough.  Totally recommend the "X" Callaway series hybrids.

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I just exchanged a 4 hybrid Nike Covert 2.0 and went with a 23 degree Ping G25. Was hitting it really well. The added logt may have been what I was looking for.
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Thanks everyone for the great advice I will certainly keep it in  mind when I go to tryout some hybrids this week.Iwill certainly tryout the callawayx2hot  23 degree to see how I hit and maybe the 19 as well while im there.Played today and concentrated on my hybrid more moving the ball back a little bit and more of a downswing and was smiling a little bit more  lol.Shave a few more strokes and I will be very close to where I feel I can play everyday .By the way im 54 years old and im walking to get into shape only played 45 holes so its early.

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