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I have prescription Oakley sunglasses.  Reason,  I like them is you can change the lenses.  Not cheap at all that they are all prescription but you have to do what you have to do.  I have clear, yellow and the darkest they make.  All for depending on how the sun is that day.  I love them. I actually I wear them all the time as my normal glasses with the clear or the yellow I love them that much.

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Agree 100%.


I wear contacts too, and my eyes are extremely sensitive to glare.  I was never able to wear sunglasses on the course though because I was distracted by light bleeding through from the sides.  At the recommendation of a buddy, I tried the Oakley Flak Jackets in the G30 lens, and haven't looked back.  The lens is dark enough for bright, sunny days, and light enough that I wear them on cloudy days too for the contrast they provide.  They also stay where they are.  Even on hot, sweaty days, no slippage.


HIGHLY recommended!

I spent a few years agonizing over spending so much money on sunglasses specifically for golf (I'm a tightwad).  I finally pulled the trigger and couldn't be more pleased.  The G30 iridium lenses may not be the most masculine in color, but they are very effective.  They do make the world appear boring/monochrome blue-grey when you take them off which is slightly concerning...

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My personal preference is to the maui jim ka'anapali they are an extremely light weight wire frame. The only problem I have found with these glasses is that they are so light that I have lost two pair to the Pacific because I forgot I was wearing them... Great durability, polarized lenses, weightless

I have Maui Jim Banyans.  Fantastic but friggin expensive they are!!

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I have Oakley Half Jacket with G30 lenses. After using every brand with every lens combination imaginable, I love these! Prior, I relied on a pair of Costas with green lenses. They were great also. But a bit on the heavy side. I got an email from Oakley last Thursday and they have the new Pizm lenses in a golf variety and can get the replacements for my Half Jackets for $80. From the pictures I've seen they have a better effect than the G30, so I will be ordering a set of lenses in TVs next couple weeks. I will update at that time.
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I can't wear contacts anymore. That leaves Oakleys or any of the sporty golf ones out. So I wear Ray-Bans - Titanium Aviators just because Aviators are bad ass. Non-polarized, because polarized hurts at reading the grain of the greens. Single vision because progressive lenses really distort putting lines. I need them because I don't know if the RoG would allow for sonar - that would give me all the undulations of the green and determine the exact location of the hole. I'm blind as a bat without glasses.

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They make precription lenses for Oakleys I do believe. I know there is a side of their website dedicated to prescription.
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