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Driver shaft too light?

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I was wondering if anyone had any experience with a driver shaft that was too light. Besides being able to feel the club, does a really light shaft have any effect on distance or accuracy. I think they are designed to maximize swing speed, but do you lose distance if you are capable of swinging a heavier shaft at a similar speed
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If all things being equal, meaning if you have solid contact. Then yes a lighter shaft should produce a faster swing, and more distance. The problem lies in the fact that a lighter shaft is harder to control. 

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In my old driver, the Titleist 913D had a 65g shaft in it. It wasn't a good shaft for me.


So I sold the driver, and got the Callaway Big Bertha with the Fubuki stiff shaft is 59g. Its much easier and smoother for me, really like the lighter shaft now. I have no problems controlling it.


btw, my driver swing speed is around 100.

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Thanks Motley and Saevel
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Thanks for sharing this information.

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I have two Titleist drivers. What I did was reduce their swingweight by replacing the weights on the sole with lighter weights.


That did the trick for me. I don't know if it's the same kind of effect as using a lighter shaft.

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My teacher told me I had the worst possible driver for my swing.  I had the lightest shaft made at the time.  The TM Superfast.  I hit the ball super high and it dropped like a 9 iron.  He told me it was because of the light shaft.  


I now have a Bio Cell + and my trajectory is great and actually get good roll.  

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Weight is just part of the specs. I didn't really start until feeling in control of the driver, and only reasonably so, until I was fit and we looked at what shaft characteristics works best for me. The only reason I don't use a lighter shaft in my driver is with it being short I needed to get the swing weight up, I don't like lead tape and my heads don't have a port. With 10g in the tip I managed to get it to D0.

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I quit using the R1 I bought on the 15th hole. It came with a 55g OEM, which means its torquey, and I got out the xhot I have stuffed with a UST V2 7075, thats 2.1 torque. Both are stiff. The low torque helps me not have as much action in the flight. It was all it took really, though I fully intend to reshaft the R1 because the face is pretty hot and I would love to see it fly really long and centered.
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