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Spitfisher mentioned something that I had thought about in the past..

In my area golf course paths are off limits at all times except for golf carts. I imagine there is risk of people going and damaging the course after hours

But.............I don't know how many times my wife and I go out for a walk or a bike ride in the evening and have to go in the streets when

it would be really nice to go (after hours) in widened and paved cart paths. I am sure young joggers would also use them


Clubs could have teen camps and lower cost for students with proper ID


Just throwing out ideas as I write


Going for a walk or a jog on a golf course is a dangerous activity.  My home course absolutely forbids it because of liability concerns.  If someone sneaks in despite the postings, then gets hurt by an errant golf ball, the course doesn't get hit with the same liability that it does if it was allowed.  Since I've never seen "after hours" at a golf course, that doesn't even apply.  My home course is open for play from 5:30 AM in summer until after sunset.


My home complex has two 9 hole courses as well as the 18 hole course and it does hold junior camps in the summer.  They are usually held on the par 3 course, so that the Executive 9 and Championship 18 are available for regular play.

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The price of golf, the amount of golf courses, and the extent to which those courses are busy depends on where you live.  I am guessing that it sucks to be a golfer in most if not every big city.  I am sure there are a lot of courses, but they would be expensive and packed.


That is not the way it is where I live.  There are at least 10-20 courses within a half hour drive from my house if not more (probably more).  There are some private clubs that I might get a chance to play if I know somebody who works there, an expensive Jack Nicklaus course, some nicer more expensive courses that I might spend $30 to walk if i find a coupon, and then the less expensive courses that might cost $30 to ride on a weekend.  I am a member at a basic course that isn't very nice, but is only 5 minutes from my house.  It cost me $375 for a membership for the year (since they have a deal where a member signs up for their new membership with a new member and they get a big discount.)


At the course I play you see the high school golf team out there a few times a week, you get all kinds of groups and people on the weekends, and then a lot of open space during the week once the leagues are over with for the day.


Then I used to be a member at a 36 hole course that is 25-30 minutes from my house.  I would pay a $100 associate membership which got me in the membership league and then it would cost like $7 dollars or so per nine to walk...and they would pretty much just let you play as much as you want once you payed for the 18...or sometimes even just the 9.

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